Charisma Highlights: Prophetic Word: The Spirit of God Says, ‘Things Are Shifting for Great Victory’

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Prophetic Word: The Spirit of God Says, ‘Things Are Shifting for Great Victory’ 

The Lord says, “For who shall stand against God? Who shall stand against the righteous Judge of all things? Who shall stand against our advocate, Christ Jesus? Who shall stand in a place to think that they shall be high and lifted up and be lofty in their pride? They shall fall. Unusual, strange deaths that will shock the earth … Oh, there shall be silence, but yet it shall be so loud.

Things Are Shifting Now

“Things are shifting.” The Spirit of God says, “Things are shifting. Things are shifting for great victory. Things are shifting for great celebration. Things are shifting. Listen! That there is an end… There was a moment in the Red Sea crossing where God declared, ‘The Egyptians that you see today, you shall see no more.’ There was an end to their agenda. There was an end to their pursuit. There was an end to the demonic spirits that worked through them. And this is what is coming; this is what is being unveiled; this is why you are shifting now. You are shifting now.

Do Not Be Moved by Storms—It’s the Time of Global Freedom!

“Do not be moved by darkness. Do not be moved by storms. Do not be moved by the storms. Do not be moved by the darkness, for it is but to distract from the shift that shall bring the revolution of light in a way that you have only dreamed of—to bring the nations into glory and into the manifestation of My goodness,” sayeth the Lord God of hosts.


September is the ninth month on our Gregorian calendar and represents a number of birthings.

On the Hebrew calendar, Rosh Hashanah is the celebration of the Jewish new year, and begins Sept. 25-27. The first day of autumn is Sept. 22 and is also symbolic of a time of change and harvest.

The New Monarchy Creation

As recently as Aug. 31, I was spending time in prayer when I saw a vision of a monarch butterfly and two other monarchs around it. Shortly after, I saw a picture of luminous nuggets of gold. I had been sensing that the intense testing I had been going through was coming to an end, and the Lord highlighted to me that these appeared on the last day of the month of August—the eighth month which represents new beginnings and restoration.


Recently, the Lord spoke to me about the harvesters. You can pass what you don’t possess.

Let’s go for more! Let’s possess the land.

We have witnessed unprecedented corruption, threats, wars and natural disasters over the last few years. Now we will flow in unprecedented signs, miracles and wonders.


I’ve heard Christians say they wished they could live in biblical times. Well, guess what? We are now living in times the Bible calls “the end of the age” (Dan. 12:13; Matt. 24:3, 28:20). Christians in the early church faced persecution under the pagan Roman Empire, and today, many believers experience similar persecution. As Jonathan Cahn reveals in his new book, “The Return of the Gods,” which releases Sept. 6, the same evil spirits that lie behind ancient paganism have now risen in America.

I’ve known for a long time that something was seriously wrong in our culture and that it went far beyond normal societal changes or political divisions. As the Bible says, we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers (see Eph. 6:12).

Cahn, author of the mega-bestseller “The Harbinger,” has a gift for helping us understand current events in light of what is happening in the spiritual realm. Like “The Harbinger,” this book, “The Return of the Gods,” carries a powerful, prophetic core message: Paganism has reappeared in the West, and we are indeed living at the end of time.

The Democratic Republic of Congo has the dubious distinction of being the rape capital of the world. Statistics show that almost 40% of women in eastern Congo have been victims of sexual violence because rape has been used as a weapon of war by soldiers. So, I wasn’t surprised to learn that multiple women who attended a conference I hosted there two weeks ago had experienced rape.

During that conference in Goma, a city near the Rwandan border, I taught couples some simple Christian principles to encourage unity and intimacy in marriage. While I taught from Ephesians 5:25 (“Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church…”), I asked a pastor to come to the stage to wash his wife’s feet while she sat in a chair. I explained that the verse from Ephesians is a reminder that Jesus served his disciples by washing their feet, and that a husband should learn to serve his wife with compassion and humility.

People in the audience began to whisper and laugh nervously as the pastor got on his knees in front of his bride. The people had never seen a scene like this. Men from Congo do not kneel in front of their wives! Men are considered superior to women, and women are expected to be subservient.

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