Angels: Flames of Fire

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Lois Flewelling

The Lord has been speaking strongly to me about a major shift that is taking place right now. Assignments are being dispatched. Even though we do not understand everything within the assignment, you must accept it. Just from saying yes, you will experience a change in your demeanor, an upgrade in your anointing and more strength in your voice and actions.

“Angel armies have already been dispatched throughout the world to do My work. I have heard your many cries. The bowl has been tipped. Rise up, O mighty men and women of God and hear what I have to say. Not only am I pulling you out of hiding but I am placing upon you a greater anointing to upset the ‘apple cart.’ The apples within the current cart are rotten and I am replacing them with the ‘apple of My eye.’ Not only will you carry My anointing but you will go forth with flames of fire for I have sent My angels to direct you. Watch as I burn up the rubble, the deceitful and the deception. You will bring forth My truth with a vengeance that will pierce through every wall and stronghold that has kept them from seeing the truth.”

When angels assist us, they bring forth power from the Most High God. It establishes a reconciliation between us and our assignment, a force that is not easily broken. You may not notice the higher level of anointing you carry but others will. It is important to follow the Lord’s leading. His ministering angels speak messages to us and when we stop and listen, dynamic events follow. There have been many times when speaking at a conference or on Sunday mornings at our church, I am touched. I immediately turn my head toward the angel that is around me and tune in to the message that has been given from the Lord. When I respond to the message, immediate shifts occur in the atmosphere.

Angels of fire come prepared to protect us and destroy all the enemy’s agenda. Just like the servant in 2 Kings 6, we may not see them or realize the help God has provided for us. When the Lord opens our eyes to the spiritual realm, it will amaze you. We become “people who are strong and set in battle array” (Joel 2:5).

What does this mean for us? When the fire of God descends through His angelic beings, we become convicted, delivered and healed. I was speaking at a conference when I noticed a small fireball growing in the palm of my hand. I watched as the fireball grew. The shift occurred with many falling on the floor, overcome by the anointing. Others began weeping and humbled themselves before the Lord. The room was electrified with the presence of God with cleansing, healing and deliverance. Everyone left hungry for more of God. This will increase as we come into agreement with God’s way. {eoa}

Lois Flewelling is an engaging speaker, teacher and author who flows in the prophetic anointing to empower individuals to walk out in their God-given destinies. She is an international speaker who teaches on how to enter and walk out in your God-anointed assignments. Her passion is for training and equipping the body of Christ through practical, Bible-based teaching, prayer ministry and discipleship. Lois is president of Empowering Life Center, an equipping and training ministry. She owns her own counseling business and is the founder of The Gathering, a church based in Houlton, Maine. She hosts A New Level Awaits You! podcast on Charisma Podcast Network.

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