The Growing Temptation All Preachers of the Gospel Face

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Michael Lombardo

One of the biggest struggles for a preacher, pastor or worship leader is the temptation to get distracted in building their own platform and to forget the reason they were called to ministry in the first place: to glorify Christ and build His kingdom on earth. That is especially true today as social media dominates the airwaves.

And the temptation is growing.

Specifically in the realm of leading worship, this must not be treated as ordinary or common. Worship leading is a holy and sacred vocation where we usher God’s people into His presence so they can encounter Him in real and dynamic ways.

On one side of the coin, it is extremely vulnerable because the worship leader is exposing their relationship with God and bringing others into their communion with Him. On the other side, it is an honor and privilege to be used by God in this way and must always be viewed in that manner.

When all is said and done, as ministers of the gospel, worship leaders and saints, we are to point people to Jesus and not ourselves.

Former Hillsong worship leader and songwriter Brooke Ligertwood says, “That’s when I got saved; worship became such a huge part of my life in private and secret that I had such a respect for the office of worship leading, because I knew it was a holy calling.”

May we always view our callings as holy before the Lord, and may we honor Jesus with the gifts He has given us by using them to point people directly to Him. {eoa}

Michael Lombardo is an international minister, revivalist, author and host of Awaken Podcast on CPN. He has preached the gospel with salvations, signs and wonders in over 12 countries and together with his wife, Selina Lombardo, they are the founders of Life Poured Out International. Their ministry has a vision to reach the lost, ignite the church and serve the poor. Connect with Michael Lombardo at and on Facebook. Order his book, Immersed in His Glory, here.

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