Scriptural Patterns to Help You Discern the Real Jezebel Spirit

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“How many times have we heard somebody say, ‘The Lord has brought me here to bring correction’?” Gina Fleming, one of the main intercessors of 420 Fire International, asks. This, she says, “is a big, big sign. That’s a big indicator” of the Jezebel spirit.

“Love is correction,” she continues. “Even if you are a prophet or an intercessor, that’s not how you correct people. You correct people by praying God’s will for them. … ‘Lord, what’s your heart for this person?’ And then you agree with that; you bring it here; release it on the earth. It calls them up higher. That’s the correction. You don’t have to go to anyone and tell them how right you are and how wrong they are. That’s not the Lord. That’s never the Lord.”

From its false flattery and faux-feminism to manipulation, gossip and ultimately death, those operating under the influence of the Jezebel spirit are good at causing fear, flight and confusion. It loves to isolate you, to send you running to hide in a cave. It’s whole focus is control and division; the Lord’s objective is unity and bringing the body together. Jezebel wants to get you completely disconnected.

Many people think everything’s a Jezebel spirit; no, it’s not. But what does a real Jezebel spirit look like? How do you recognize when this spirit is operating in and through someone, and how do you confront it?

The Bible gives us patterns throughout Scripture to recognize the Jezebel Spirit, and Gina joins me to discuss this divisive spirit on this episode of Dread Champions with Scott Nary on Charisma Podcast Network. {eoa}

Scott Nary, founder of 420 Fire International, is a prophetic evangelist who travels extensively demonstrating the power of God. He’s a “man’s man,” having left a career as a trainer in the NFL and NHL to pursue God’s will to see a great harvest come into the church. Experience hands on mentoring and discipleship with Scott and the esteemed friends and colleagues of 420 Fire during the Fall 2021 School of Ministry Intensive in Kannapolis, North Carolina, this November. Learn more and register here.

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