Morning Rundown: John Ramirez Gives a Spiritual Warning for 2024

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John Ramirez Gives a Spiritual Warning for 2024

In a recent message, John Ramirez gave a warning for the spiritual battles that lay ahead of us in 2024.

“The Lord spoke to me regarding 2024. He says, ‘speak to My people. It’s not a happy message; it’s a preparation message,'” Ramirez said. “The watchmen on the wall will sound the shofar to sign the trumpet to let them know your enemy is coming.”

Ramirez says that it is this knowledge that can help God’s people prepare for the turmoil up ahead.

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Vandals Desecrate Site Revered by Jews and Christians

In a distressing incident that has alarmed both Jews and Christians, a group of Palestinian rioters targeted Joshua’s Altar, a revered site located at Mount Ebal in the West Bank. Last week, the vandals burned tires on the remains of the altar and defaced it with Palestinian flags and Arabic inscriptions, as reported by the Jerusalem Post.

This sacred site, under joint control with the Palestinian Authority, has unfortunately become a target for repeated vandalism. The incident is part of a larger problem involving attacks on Israeli archaeological sites within Palestinian-controlled areas, according to a report from Tazpit Press Service (TPS).

Israeli activists from the Forum for the Struggle for Every Dunam visited the damaged altar, urging Israel to enhance measures for the protection of sacred sites. Expressing concern, Dr. Petra Heldt emphasized the significance of the altar to the Jewish people and echoed the call for increased security measures.

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Negotiating the Future by Supernatural Wisdom

As each year concludes, the Holy Spirit confidently leads me into a realm of prophetic alignment. It’s not a vague experience; it’s a direct connection, delivering clear and confident prophetic words for the upcoming year. In those moments, it feels like the Holy Spirit is providing a precise roadmap, shaping the journey ahead with unwavering confidence and clarity.

As the dawn of a new year approaches, a time traditionally marked by resolutions and aspirations, there exists a profound opportunity for us to transcend mere wishful thinking and stand on the prophetic edge of time to negotiate the future through the help of the Holy Spirit. Beyond the excitement of the celebration of the New Year, let us tune our consciousness to the frequency of the Holy Spirit and seek to unravel God’s prophetic blueprint for this season. Prophecy is not a distant echo of ancient wisdom but a living force that resonates with the beating heart of our present and the uncharted potential of our future.

Negotiating the future, from a prophetic standpoint, invites us to unravel the mind of God concerning the uncertainties of the new year, so we can navigate it with a conscious awareness and become active participants in the divine unfolding of our destinies. We can escape the mainstream of coincidences and walk the ancient pathway illuminated by the timeless truths of God’s Word, revelation and assurance that comes from the Holy Spirit through faith and prayer as we align our steps with the rhythm of the Spirit in the unfolding year.

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