6 Signs You’re Ready to Defeat Your Giants

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Dean Mitchum

The problem many of us have is that we lack the conviction to change or see a true cost of the havoc that our giants are wreaking. A giant is not simply measured by how big it is but by how much control it has over your life.

One way to tell that you plan on defeating your giant is to have plans for living beyond the battle. David asked twice what the reward would be for the one who defeated Goliath.

He wasn’t being selfish; he simply knew he was going to live (1 Sam. 17:26).

Here are six signs that you are ready to defeat the giants in your life.

1. You possess a covenant conviction for change. When God has spoken things into your life and made promises concerning His plans for you, then you know God’s will. When things are contrary to His word and promises, then you should possess a conviction that something must change. You must have a fire that shows enough is enough, for no giant has ever fallen to a passive opponent.

2. You have perfect clarity of the situation, risk and reward. Clarity of how the giant is affecting your life is essential to understanding the risk and reward. What will it cost you to defeat this giant? What skill do you need or habit must you break in order to see your victory? What will be your reward?

3. Your speech is consistent with your intended outcome. David reminded himself of what God had done for him and what He was capable of doing. David also spoke to the giant of his clear intentions. Remind yourself of the great things God has done for you and speak to your giant the plans you have for him.

4. You have a course of action for victory. David’s plan was to kill Goliath, cut off his head and feed his body to the birds. His course of action was to use his slingshot and the giant’s sword to accomplish his plan. Create a clear plan for defeating your enemy. Write down the necessary steps that will bring victory over your giant.

5. You have plans for the spoils and rewards. If you are not concerned about the reward, then maybe you’re not expecting to win. Knowing the outcome of your victory is part of the reason you fight. Decide what you will do once you have received your reward.

6. You have the courage to fight the giant. The courage to fight will be the greatest act of faith you can exhibit. The courage to fight is fueled by all the other points together. Conviction, clarity, consistency, course of action and plans for the reward.

Defeating a giant has a double portion effect. It not only allows you to do what you couldn’t before but it gives those around you the blessing of your victories as well. Courage came to the army of Israel once Goliath was defeated.

It’s time to defeat your giants. {eoa}

Dean Mitchum is the founder of Movement Writers School of Worship and the host of The Prophetic Worship Leader podcast. Dean and Lisa Mitchum serve as the directors of Worship Ministries for Bishop Bill Hamon of Christian International and as the worship pastors for apostles Tom and Jane Hamon of Vision Church in the Florida panhandle.

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