Sometimes the Small Things Make the Biggest Difference

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Margaret English

Sometimes, it's the littlest things that mean the most.

When my daughter was a senior in college, she once lamented that her lack of resources and time only allowed her to give to others in very small ways. I heard myself tell her: “Sometimes the small things are the big things.”

Think over your life. When you were in need, when you were low or discouraged or ill, was it a great ministry effort or mighty monument that helped you? Or was it a phone call, a note or a prayer from a friend that got you through? Real faith and purpose are seldom found in the great things of life. It’s the small things—the times when someone has done what they could do in limited circumstances—that often count the most.

In Mark 14 we read about the woman with the alabaster vase. So much has been said of her, but I think there’s more to say. She poured out her costly perfume upon the feet of Christ, and the disciples chided her for not doing more. But the Lord rebuked them, saying, “She has done what she could” (v. 8).

She didn’t change the world, end poverty, start a great ministry or preach to the nations. She took what she had, and with the right motives and sincerity of heart, she did what she could do. Really, this loving gesture probably took less than a few minutes, but those few minutes touched the Master’s heart. Great acts, mighty monuments and powerful ministries have been built up and fallen down, but her one small offering has been remembered throughout the ages of time.

Perhaps doing what you can doesn’t seem like a lot right now. You don’t have millions of dollars to feed the nations. In fact, times may be difficult right now. But you do have the extra change from purchasing groceries. Why not toss it into the canister by the cash register to feed the homeless? Maybe your time is completely spent shuffling kids around to games and lessons and still trying to get dinner made while folding a few loads of laundry. Take five minutes to write a note or card to someone who is discouraged, or drop by at the hospital on your way home from work to pray for a friend. Give up your parking space to an elderly driver, or let a new mother cut in front of you in line.

God is well-aware of our limitations of time, money, strength and opportunity. But like this woman with her loving gesture, doing what we can with a heart of love toward the Lord can make a world of difference.

Prayer Power for the Week of Dec. 16, 2015

This week, ask the Lord to make you mindful of those around you and show you where you can be a blessing to them.  Ask Him to remind you of someone who needs a loving touch through a note card, telephone call or visit. Continue to pray for our nation and its protection during this season. Remember those victimized by last week’s shooting in southern California, as well as those suffering through health issues, loss of a loved one and provision. Ask God to give our leaders the wisdom and courage to make godly decisions for the nation. Continue to pray protection for Israel as it welcomes many tourists in this season (Mark 14:8; Ps. 91).

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