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Kathie Walters

One of my friend’s sons has a parrot named Danny.  Once when I went to visit, the bird,
which was perched on the child’s shoulder, screeched so loudly it hurt my
ears.  I looked nervously at it and
then at its owner.  Seeing my
apprehensive glance, my friend’s son spoke to me.

“It’s OK; he can’t fly because he won’t let go.” His simple
statement stayed with me all that day and the next. I realized that many believers are like that bird.

The Scriptures tell us that as Christians, we are meant to
operate like the eagles and soar above the voices of this world.  But what exactly does it mean to “Let

A good example of “Letting go” was Peter’s stepping out of a
boat onto unfamiliar territory—the water.  He saw that Jesus was not controlled by natural realm
circumstances, and it appeared to be a pretty good idea when he took that first

After all, walking on water is an exciting venture—not
your everyday routine. Peter wanted that experience.

“Jesus, bid me come to You on the water,” Peter told Him.

When Jesus spoke the word, Peter let go of what he
knew—the familiar boat—and eagerly jumped over the side.  He wasn’t really expecting his
experience to be “different.” When he first got the idea of walking on water,
it sounded fun.  And as long as he
kept his eyes on Jesus, everything was fine.

But the waves were calling out, “Look at us,” and the winds
were calling out, “Listen to us,” and poor old Peter got rattled with those two
factors vying for his attention. 
When he looked at Jesus he was fine, but when he looked at those waves,
he lost his confidence.

Do you, like Peter, have a desire in your heart that you
believe God has planted there? 
Perhaps He has given you a promise, a word to encourage you to walk on
water.  Maybe you even heeded the
word and began to step out of the boat, but the waves and the wind distracted

The problem is that when the wind starts blowing, it carries
with it other people’s opinions. Sometimes those opinions seem louder than the
one you first heard.

So what do you do?

Go back to the place where it’s just you and Jesus once
again, and ask Him to confirm the word. 
When he does, He will impart the faith to go along with it.

Be aware that other things may come and try to get your eyes
off Him and away from your vision. Those “things’ may be well-meaning saints or
good opportunities that appear on your spiritual horizon.

But the GOOD things can take you away from the GOD
things.  The good things seem
safer—familiar territory mostly. 
The God things, on the other hand, may be frightening because they are
unknown. They may take you to ground that is yet untrodden. To go there you
must be willing to let go of what you know—like Danny the parrot needs to
in order to fly.

When you’ve got the vision in front of you again and the
word in your ears, let go of what you know in the natural realm, as well as all
the voices and opinions, and fly out in the Spirit. Ask the Holy Spirit to let
you see what He sees about you and your vision.

Those around you may not be able to see what God has put in
you. They know you so well after the flesh! They will never draw from your
spiritual resources because they don’t see the way God sees.

But there are others who will see and who will draw living
water from your well. God will open the way. Don’t strive to perform or prove
that you can fly.

You don’t have to prove you have something from God! Eagles
don’t struggle and flap their wings around; they just spread them naturally and
catch the wind currents that take them to the realms of the Spirit.

You can do the same. Let Him teach you to fly. Let go, and let God have His way in your life. You
were born again to be borne.


This week ask the Lord to help you see what He sees
concerning you and your future. Focus your prayers on the truth of His Word and
thank Him that there are no limits to what He can accomplish in and through
you. Ask God for revival in our nation, unity among our churches and fervency
in our commitment to teach His Word and spread His kingdom. Continue to pray
for Israel and our nation’s role in helping it fulfill God’s purpose. Pray that
President Obama would have supernatural wisdom when he makes decisions
affecting our nation and the world. 1 Thes. 5:17; James 5:16

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