Rest in the Storm

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Joy F. Strang

My husband, Steve, and I once owned property that had an
eagle’s nest on it. One day after a spring storm we went out to check on the
property and found that a third of the nest had been blown down.

As I looked at the fallen pieces, it occurred to me that
often when we think of eagles we picture the majestic bird that is our national
symbol—a bird that is able to soar high above any tempest that might come
along. We rarely think of eagles as having to go through storms.

Yet if a storm comes while young are in the nest, the mother
eagle has to leave her soaring and return to the nest to protect them. When it
is over, she has to rebuild what has been lost and go on.

Sometimes as believers we find that our own “nests” have
been damaged by a storm while we were off soaring with God. Serious health
issues may strike our families. We may be facing a rebellious child, a husband
who wants a divorce, or a financial crisis. Many storms come into our lives,
and we must learn to walk through them and keep going.

The storms shouldn’t be a surprise. Jesus told us,  “‘In this world you will have trouble’”
(John 16:33, NIV). But He also said, “’Take heart! I have overcome the world.’”

He will give us the grace to get through and will secure for
us an overcoming victory as He causes all things to “work together for good”
(Rom. 8:28). In the process our character will be developed if we allow the
Holy Spirit to mature us.

Some time ago I had lunch with a
friend who had walked through several health crises—breast cancer, MS (multiple
sclerosis) and the serious illness of a family member. She said that her cry
was, “God, where are You in all this?”

In the middle of a storm we can
feel abandoned by God and wonder where He is.  But He has promised that if we seek Him we will find Him
(see Jer. 29:13). My friend said that as she searched for Jesus, she began to
see Him in the faces of those He had sent to encourage her through prayer and
meeting the practical needs of her family.

When you take your eyes off your
circumstances, you’ll see what my friend did: God’s provision in those He sends
to help. This is much easier if you choose to ride out the storm
supernaturally, based on what the Word of God says, rather than viewing it from
a natural perspective and allowing your senses, your reason, or your feelings
to dictate how you respond.

There is a place of rest in the
storm, and that is in trusting Jesus—in knowing He is with you and relying on
Him to see you through. In His presence there is fullness of joy (see Psalm
16:11). Though it may seem difficult to believe He can bring good out of what
you are experiencing, you can depend on Him to help you rebuild your damaged
nest and continue on in triumph.


This week take your eyes off your circumstances and seek the
Lord. Thank Him for His promise that you will find Him when you seek Him, that
He is not far from you and that He is making His presence and provision known
through those sent to encourage and support you. Remember Israel and continue
to thank God that those who seek their Messiah will find Him. Ask God for
opportunities to be a blessing to others, especially those who are single
parents and/or unemployed. Continue to pray for our pastors, churches, national
leaders, troops and their families. Ask God to heal our land in response to
repentant prayer, ignite revival and expand His kingdom.  Jer. 29:13; John 16:33; Ps. 16:11; Rom.

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