Renee DeLoriea: ‘You Will See a Revival Much Greater Than This’

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Abby Trivett

In a brand-new Charisma Magazine Online article, Renee DeLoriea shared how there is a hunger for revival and a greater outpouring of God’s Spirit that will ignite hearts for God’s great purposes.

“Communion with God is the life force of every believer,” DeLoriea writes. “God is always present and those who are paying attention will recognize many of the ways He reveals Himself.”

DeLoriea knows this to be true about God from her very own experiences of seeing revival break out. In fact, DeLoriea shared in her Beyond the Article interview with Charisma magazine that it was during the Brownsville Revival that she experienced the power of the Holy Spirit in a greater measure.

After moving with her family because of a word that revival would break out in Pensacola, DeLoriea expected that the revival would happen immediately. They scouted out churches all over the area expecting to see a revival, but found none. Seven years later, she saw on the news Steve Hill and Pastor John Kilpatrick saying that revival had broken out. Knowing and trusting Kilpatrick, she believed that this was true.

“I just went to the altar and I said, ‘Jesus, I’m going to get behind you,’ and it wasn’t dependent on if this was the revival,” DeLoriea said.

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This bit of faith of completely trusting and depending on God instead of a move or an action is exactly what DeLoriea was in need of, something she believes others can benefit from too in our current day and age.

“We don’t really have to be able to see way in the future, just get behind Jesus and align ourselves with His Word and His ways and His Spirit, making Him our first priority and everything else will move in the direction of God’s calling on our lives on a day-by-day basis,” DeLoriea said. “Anything else that’s out of that is a distraction and it’s a swaying and discouragement.”

DeLoriea said that when she was first introduced to the revival, there were only about 200 people. A few months later when she brought some family members to the revival, the line to get in was about three blocks long.

“I’m not saying that I knew that it was going to be people lined up out the door in a couple of months…when the Lord revealed it to me it was not about numbers, it was about influence in the church and in the world,” DeLoriea said.

One thing DeLoriea can vouch for is that revival really is something special and divinely given to us from the Lord.

“There’s nothing more fun than revival and the presence of God just showing up,” DeLoriea said.

DeLoriea also shared that as the world is hungering and thirsting for more of God, he is in the business right now of reactivating His people and bringing together a marriage of Word and Spirit in this day and age.

“At the end of the Brownsville Revival so many people were…sad. I was one of those people who was sad, and the Lord I believe spoke to me and said, ‘you will see a revival much greater than this when there is a marriage between the Word and the Spirit.”

Let us, as God’s people, not miss out on what He is doing across the world today.

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Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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