Promise Keepers Engaging Today’s Youth for Jesus

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Many Americans want to learn how to prevent college students from joining in the ongoing anti-Israel protests. The new leader of Promise Keepers believes they can again reach young men in great numbers by returning the ministry to its roots.

Recently, the country has seen thousands of college students march in pro-Palestinian protests, many of which have turned into vehicles for hate and anti-Semitism.

“What we’re seeing is a generation of people who are being shaped and molded by the world because of the things they see on social media,” explained Promise Keepers CEO Shane Winnings.

“And so you see these worldly examples of people who are rising up and they demonstrate worldly masculinity, which is perverted in many senses, which is more about dominion and it’s less about, you know, Godly characteristics,” he said.

Evangelist Winnings, a former law enforcement officer, now leads the ministry that was founded by former University of Colorado Coach Bill McCartney. Now in its 34th year, Promise Keepers seeks to transform men through faith in Jesus Christ.

So, how can young men become courageous, men of integrity, especially if they haven’t been taught respect and integrity at home?

Winnings said it takes engagement. “We need to be the voice of that movement, of the movement of integrity and purity and godly truths, and also be the example.”

He believes today’s young men need role models, something he found in Jesus and by serving in Afghanistan with U.S. Army Special Forces.

“When you’re around people who are great, it makes you want to be great. And you know, at that level, mistakes can cost human lives,” Winnings explained. “The sobering reality that life is short. It’s a wisp of vapor, the Bible says tomorrow is not promised. And so what really fuels my charge as I lead this organization is that we can’t count on tomorrow. We need to impact the men of our nation and our world today.”

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