The ‘Silver Bullet’ That Will Protect Your Children From Cultural Ruin

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Theresa Leclerc

I recently read a small book by Mark Batterson called Praying Circles around your Children. It’s a powerful book about praying for our children by speaking the word over their lives. I found it very interesting and full of truth.

Raising kids in this day and age can seem pretty daunting at times. Everywhere we go, we hear what the world and the news media says. Sometimes the negative can sound really loud, but what does God’s Word say? The Word is so much stronger than every lie that could ever come up against us, our families or loved ones. The Word of God is the ultimate authority. Those who read it, walk and speak with that authority; and those who don’t become influenced by the mindsets of the world.

At times, when we feel overwhelmed, we don’t always know exactly what to do. But as we stand together and speak the Word over our children, households, health, finances and every situation of difficulty, we will see victory!

Jesus is the Victorious One! When we quote the Word, darkness flees. If you don’t know what to do, stand on the Word. Speak the Word in your house. Keep prayer journals for your children. Write out specific Scriptures for each one. This will be a powerful tool for them later on in life. I’m sure it’s an incredible experience to see what your parents have been praying over your life, and later on to see those prayers come to pass, must have a remarkable impact. Imagine what it will be like to be able to give this as a special gift to leave with your children.

I know my parents prayed for me, and that’s one of the reasons I’m still walking with Jesus today.

After reading this book some time ago, as I was closing it, I clearly heard the Lord speak to me. He said, “Silver bullet.” Now that term seemed vaguely familiar, but it’s not a term that I use, so I Googled it and found that it was something spoken of in legends. It was a supernatural bullet, one that could destroy the strongest creature. It was considered the Ultimate Weapon. Another meaning for Silver bullet is “A Simple Solution to a Long Standing Problem.” Immediately I knew what the Lord was trying to tell me. He was saying that, “Praying the Word over my Children would be the silver bullet that demolished every lie and changed the trajectory of their lives.” He showed me that this is a prophetic tool that I could use to change or create the future. We have the power to change the path of our children’s lives, as we choose to believe and declare the promises of God over our children, marriage and family. This is the silver bullet that will change everything!

Keep planting these seeds of the truth of God’s Word into your kids’ lives and you will find that they will turn from tiny seeds into mighty oaks.

There is nothing like praying the Word over your situations of difficulty. You can pray the Word over your finances, health and marriage. You can pray the Word over your new business ventures and people you’re concerned about. You can pray the Word over anything. This is the most powerful form of prayer there is. When I heard this Word from the Lord and discovered its meaning, I knew this was it! This was the answer I had been looking for.

So I’ve been praying the Word over my kids and family since reading that book, and do you know what? Miracles have been happening! We’ve had a lot of joy and breakthroughs in our lives and home. It’s been something incredible to see!

For years, I was praying that joy would flood into our home and ministry. I didn’t want to push anymore. I wanted joy to overflow inside of me and for everything to come from that place. And that’s what has been happening now. I’m seeing these beautiful changes shape our lives during this time, which used to feel out of reach in the past. Turns out they’re not actually out of reach. But we just have to allow it flow instead of striving and pushing.

A few years back, I heard the Lord speak to my heart saying that He wants to shorten our time of suffering, but we have to come into agreement with that change with our words first, and commit to speaking only what we want to see. I heard Him say we need to look at every word we speak and make sure we’re agreeing with what heaven wants to do in our lives, homes, families and loved ones. When we agree with heaven, things move into place easily. But if we keep speaking out of our circumstances and pain, then it can feel like we’re going around in circles. We will never move past the fruit of our words. So, if you want to move forward, start listening to what you say and make sure every word you speak lines up with where you want to go. Search for the good in every situation and draw it out, and you’ll find that good things will start happening.

Jesus wants to bring restoration into your life, but He can only work within the words that you choose to speak. You will get exactly what you expect to get. So, if you want to change what you’re receiving, change what you’re speaking.

He wants to change your trajectory. He’s already erased your history, so step in line with where He wants to take you, and as you get your words back in unity with the Word, you’ll find that your life will start to change direction. Dead things will come to life again. So trust Him. He is leading you to a place of great fruitfulness and multiplication. {eoa}

Theresa Leclerc is a writer, a teacher and an evangelist. She has a passion for the prophetic. She and her husband Chris live in Johannesburg, South Africa and they have three children. She runs a ministry called Harvest Time.

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