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In the wake of the Sept. 11
attacks on our own soil, the American people have realized that the face
of war is forever changed. No longer can we think of combat being
fought solely on faraway shores. We must acknowledge that many of the
United States’ enemies are among us, even as others plot against us from

With this sobering reality in
mind, pray for the courageous troops who are actively serving our
country each day ­ not only at bases around the world, but also here
within our borders. Our soldiers daily place themselves in harm’s way in
order to defend the way of life we hold dear, and they desperately need
our prayer support. Their families should be remembered as well. These
individuals often make significant sacrifices as they endure long
separations, frequent moves and other challenges inherent to military

As the heroic men and women in our
armed services secure our liberty both at home and abroad, pray the
Lord’s protection will go before them. In addition, lift up the
chaplains stationed around the world, along with the Christian
servicemen who unofficially fulfill a role of spiritual leadership. Ask
that these believers would faithfully represent Christ among their

Please don’t forget to pray also
for those who have lost a loved one in battle. These grieving families
have paid the ultimate price, and we must ask that God’s comfort would
be upon them in a special way.

Finally, pray that our media’s
accounts of U.S. military actions are relayed fairly and impartially.
Our troops are deserving of their fellow Americans’ gratitude and
respect, and accurate reporting can play an important role in rallying
the American people around our brave servicemen.


Pray for divine protection and
guidance for our armed forces. Ask God to intercede for military
chaplains and loved ones at home.

Find a prayer event in your area.

This information was gathered from the National Day of Prayer’s website.

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