Mario Murillo Warns It’s Time to Pray for Sen. Ted Cruz

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Mario Murillo

Ted Cruz is a vital leader in our cause. He is an articulate, lightning-fast debater. And I believe in his stated core values.

However, I also believe the enemy is tempting him to make a devastating mistake. The damage from this mistake cannot be overstated. Please read what his mistake is and why he is making it; and why we must pray.

Cruz is publicly lending credence to the great hoax regarding last January 6. Here are his recent comments:

He recently said, “[January 6] is an anniversary of a violent terrorist attack on the Capitol, where we saw the men and women of law enforcement demonstrate incredible courage, incredible bravery, risk their lives for the Capitol.”

In a May statement opposing a Senate committee to investigate the January 6 protests, Cruz referred to the event as “The January 6 terrorist attack on the Capitol.”

Cruz said a Senate committee to investigate the rioting was only “politically motivated,” but he supported the prosecution of violent Trump supporters who participated.

“Everyone who attacked the Capitol must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and brought to justice,” he wrote.

But here is where he made his mistake. Calling it a terrorist attack is wrong. Not just because that is a lie but also because it aids and abets Nancy Pelosi and her reign of terror.

Next to this, January 6, 2021 was a bad frat party.

Referring to it as a terrorist attack?! Ignoring the 570 riots over 100 nights of real terror in Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots across America? That is mind-numbing. Minority businesses were burned to the ground, never to recover. And people were murdered. Next to this, January 6th was a bad frat party.

He said these things while fully aware of the facts. The F.B.I. had embedded their own agents in many of the groups involved in the ruckus in the Capital. The F.B.I. was trying to incite violence in order to help Democrats. Think of that!

I believe that Cruz is being motivated, first, by a personal grudge against Trump—and by his ambition to become President of the United States.

First the grudge: You may remember a Super PAC supporting Cruz claimed some obscene things about Melania Trump. Like any angry husband would, Trump fired back. Unfortunately, it was a crude retweet. He negatively compared the looks of Ted’s wife, Heidi Cruz, to that of Trump’s wife, Melania.

Second, the ambition: Ted Cruz wants to be president. He cannot do that unless Trump is eliminated from the coming election. That is the entire reason Nancy Pelosi invented the January 6th commission. To discredit Trump and remove him as a threat to ever becoming president again. Ted, while he disagrees with the commission for political reasons, is not opposed to removing Trump. It all reeks of nasty politics.

We need to pray for Ted Cruz to realize the wrong motivation behind his actions.

We need to pray that he sees the division his actions will cause. Not only that, he has already disqualified himself from ever being president. Why?

Two reasons: The Left is laughing at him for being a shill. And 80 million Trump voters will consider him a traitor. Please pray for Senator Cruz! {eoa}

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