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“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

—John 8:32 (NIV)

There is not much more powerful than a well-told lie. Individuals can find their lives spinning out of control; because they believe something untrue about themselves or someone close to them. We’re all aware of how that can happen to a nation when we look back at the propaganda ministry of Nazi Germany and the deception that filled a country. It doesn’t surprise us that Jesus called Satan a liar.

The only thing that is more powerful than a lie, though, is the truth, clearly and forcefully stated. It is truth that sets us free and keeps us free. That is true spiritually, and is certainly true for a nation. When we receive the truth, both about our own sinfulness as well as God’s great love for us, expressed through Jesus Christ, we are set free. We must continue to hold to this great truth all of our lives.

The authors of our Declaration of Independence appealed to certain self-evident truths. A love of truth is seen as essential to our rights and liberty. These days, it seems that truth often takes a backseat to partisan bickering and positioning. Those who pray for the nation must learn to love truth and pray for it to come forth in power.

  • Pray for truth to become valued again in American society.
  • Pray for truth to be an established standard in our country’s news media.


I thank You, Lord, that You are the Truth! You are the only one able to set men free. Thank You for the freedom we have in You. I thank You that many of our founding fathers understood that freedom ultimately is a gift from You and therefore is dependent upon Your truth. Please restore truth to our nation. Lord, expose the lies of the enemy! Bring a fresh love for truth to those who report the news. Give discernment to those who watch, listen or read the news, so that truth might always prevail.


President Barack Obama
Vice President Joe Biden
Attorney General Eric Holder
Chief Justice John Roberts
Justice Samuel Alito
Justice Anthony Kennedy
Justice Elena Kagan
Justice Sonia Sotomayor
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Justice Stephen Breyer
Justice Antonin Scalia
Justice Clarence Thomas

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