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Mike Bickle

For the Lord takes pleasure in His people; He will beautify the humble with salvation. —Psalm 149:4, NKJV

If at the center of your theology is a God who smiles, then it is not hard to understand this next truth about Him: He is smiling at you as you respond to Him in willing obedience. His infinite smile extends over His creation. He is delighted in Himself and in the overflow of that delight, but He especially enjoys humans who respond to the grace He offered freely in Christ Jesus. This applies to each of us individually and uniquely. God has affection and enjoyment for you even at your weakest point. He actually enjoys you! What a powerful concept! Not only does He smile, but He also smiles when He looks at you!


Your smile warms my heart and thrills my soul. It is beyond my comprehension that You could smile about me, but I know You do, and I will focus on that smile as long as I live.

This must be the foundation of our theology:
our God is a God who smiles.

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