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Mike Bickle

But I will sing of your strength, in the morning I will sing of your love; for you are my fortress, my refuge in times of trouble. —Psalm 59:16

God has ordained many pleasures for believers. But no pleasure is more intense than the pleasure that comes when God communicates Himself to the human spirit. Such tender moments with God cause life and spiritual vitality to resonate deep within. As God pours His love into me, that same love flows through me back to Him. As I am loving Him back, greater revelation of His affection and beauty comes to me, and the cycle just gets richer and richer. Feeling loved—a little bit—and feeling love for God—a little bit—has a powerfully dynamic impact upon the human spirit. I don’t cry out this message because I want to be a noble soldier for God. I’m committed to sharing this message, to crying out the necessity of putting the first commandment first because I’ve experienced a reality that the body of Christ has within its reach. But we must refocus our souls; we must put first things first to realize the awesome spiritual pleasures of walking in a love relationship with Christ.


Lord, I love You—help me to love You more. Let my love for You grow daily; let it be the focus of all I do and all I am.

Burnout occurs when we do not experience
the pleasure of the Christian life found
in a love relationship with God.

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