3 Reasons to Be Satisfied With God’s Timing

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Marcus Gill

Waiting on God's timing can be challenging.

Waiting on God isn’t always easy. Every day, people all around the world are dissatisfied with the way their life’s journey is moving. Could you imagine being God’s administrative assistant?

The amount of prayer requests that you would have to attempt to sort through would be mentally life threatening. The truth of the matter is, we are all in need of something. Furthermore, we want that need met right now. While it hasn’t yet, we have to understand that God’s timing isn’t always our timing.

Wouldn’t life be more amazing if we could control time? Imagine that. Over 7 billion humans who call planet Earth their living quarters would control the clock. Life as we know it would be chaotic. Everything would happen too early or too late. Why? We think that we could manage the affairs of our lives perfectly, but we would just make things worse.

Learning to trust God means believing God’s timing is always perfect. He never fails. God is never late and God is never early. Of course we don’t ever want God to be late, but there are some who pray for God to send early miracles. An early release of answered prayers sounds great, but it wouldn’t be perfect. When you get discouraged while waiting, don’t try to find ways to rush God. You must pray and ask God to help you be satisfied with His perfect timing.

Here are three reasons why:

1. God is the author of time. Who knows the full functionality of a thing better than its inventor? This reminds me of how we buy a product, it malfunctions and we take it to an unauthorized manufacturer. This is to satisfy our desire for a “quick fix.” However, the repair may only last for a short while until it malfunctions again (sometimes worse than the first time). There are times in our lives that we treat God the same way.

Part of trusting God is believing He is the Creator of all things; therefore, He is the sole inventor of time. You become an unauthorized manufacturer of time when you to attempt fix and manage things on your own time. You are not the Creator. Time only exists because God Almighty created it. So you must trust the fact that He knows how to manage it perfectly.

2. God makes no mistakes. It is impossible for God to fail. God has never made a mistake and He never will. Everything that the Lord does He does with a purpose. Furthermore, there are some things that God doesn’t do, but for a specific purpose, He permits things to happen.

There will never be a need for God to start over. His mighty hands are flawless. We are the temporary failures when we operate outside of patience, based upon our need to be in control. When you decide to accept and be satisfied with the perfect timing of our unfailing God, you are able to live life’s journey with uninterrupted peace. God always accomplishes what He sets out to do. Trust Him.

3. God knows more than you. It would be impossible for God to be supreme over all creation if He did not possess the ability to know all things. God has total knowledge. He owns the quality of knowing everything. Trust in God’s omniscience. There are things that God knows about you that you haven’t even discovered about yourself. Oftentimes we feel as if we are ready for certain things and we are not. We don’t know that we are unprepared, but God knows. He knows our strengths and our weakness. God knows that if He releases everything to you right now, you just might lose your mind. There are some blessings that we can’t handle yet.

If you’re in the waiting room of life right now, you will only have peace if you trust that God already knows that now is not the time for your release to come. Isaiah 46:10 says: “declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, ‘My counsel shall stand, and I will do all My good pleasure.'” God never starts anything without finishing it.

You don’t know the outcome of your life’s journey, but God knows. He is fully aware of every necessary step that you need to take in order to fulfill His will for your life. Will you trust His perfect knowledge or your own? 

As a final thought, as we are learning to be satisfied with God’s perfect timing, we can decide not to waste time. Satisfaction with how God operates in your life begins with faith. You can’t always see the good in delay but, if you could have everything you want based upon your control, it wouldn’t be faith. Be satisfied knowing that God knows what is best for you. God’s best for you will be delivered on its God ordained due date.

Marcus Gill is a speaker, author and pastor. He is the founder and CEO of Marcus Gill Ministries; a ministry that has been designed to reach lost souls and inspire believers. Known globally for his inspiring presence on social media, Marcus has been able to share God’s love with over 40 million people a week. He is the founder and lead pastor of The Rush Church United in New Haven, Connecticut, and New York City. You can email him at [email protected]

 or visit him on Facebook at facebook.com/marcusgillministries.

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