Christian Rapper’s Prophetic Music Draws People to God’s Table

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Jessilyn Justice

Sherrod Shackelford, also known as Viktory, could have been a drug dealer or gang member—or dead—by 25. But God had other plans.

“God revealed Himself to me in college,” Viktory says. “I was totally unchurched, and He began to tug on my heart. He pulled me out of a world of real darkness and gave me an intense appetite for His Word. I broke away from my friends and addictions and all things that separated me from Him. I was ordained in 2007.”

Born in Chicago to a 16-year-old mother, the rapper seeks to tell the world about God’s miracles through his music, including tracks like “Faith,” which features Erica Campbell of Mary Mary.

His song, Lunch Tables, is a modern-day example of how Jesus reached out to the spiritually broken.

“When Jesus ate with the tax collectors, it was more than a meal,” Viktory says. “To eat with someone is very intimate. In many cases, it requires learning, or even growth, especially when eating with someone of a different culture. You will have to embrace all of their cultural differences. Proper etiquette, food types, prayer style … this isn’t an endorsement of their culture, it’s simply an attempt to understand who they are and build an open line of communication.

“In the same way, God’s arms are open to all humanity. God is not in agreement with all humanity, but He’s available to any that call on Him. All are welcome at His table. Before the hearts of men can change for God, an encounter with Him must take place. The ‘table’ is where that encounter happens. The children of God help prepare the table.”

The rapper wants to turn Lunch Tables into a ministry to give those marginalized by society a voice and an opportunity to connect with God.

“Many people dealing with this type of issue have to endure in silence,” he says. “I wanted to put a face on the evil. I wanted them to have an outlet. I also wanted them to know that they aren’t alone, and again, God’s arms are always open.”

The song is on his album, Tomorrow Came, which is now available wherever Christian music is sold. {eoa}

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