When Foster Care Reform Meets Mrs. Universe 2022

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When Tori was 17 years old, she was invited to stand on a stage at a gala for foster care and hold a sign. She could choose anything for the sign to say and her sign said, “Stop stereotyping me.” People would walk by and cry as they stared at her sign. That’s when God planted the seed in Tori that opened her eyes to see that she was created to bring reformation and change. Her voice had power. Her voice has power. I have had the honor of becoming friends with the current reigning Mrs. Universe 2022, Tori Petersen. Did I mention that she had never done a pageant before? She has also been a true advocate and reformer in the foster care system through her voice and opening her home to foster children.

God is bringing reformation to our communities, cities, states and nations in some of the most fabulous and creative ways imaginable. Tori has had the opportunity to advocate to congressmen, women and White House policy staff members as a family care coordinator for a non profit organization. God has truly been opening doors for her to help bring awareness and godly solutions to the problems she has experienced firsthand in foster care.

When we surrender to Jesus as Lord, it can take you places you never thought possible. How did this even start? Tori unravels her story in this episode of Reformers Co. podcast that brings insight on how God breaks into someone’s life and reveals purpose. I believe as you listen to this podcast, you will discover that your life has a big purpose. Your life was meant to impact others with God’s divine solutions to our earthly problems. I am here to cheer you on and pray that my podcast, Reformers Co., will impact you and open your eyes to where God has called you to bring His solutions. {eoa}

Becky Hennesy is a gifted teacher and minister. She communicates from her heart clearly and effectively, and is presently serving as co-pastor of Trinity Church with her husband, Jim Hennesy. She is also currently serving as director of Reformation and City Transformation. Her desire is to gather reformers who want to see the kingdom of God come and His perfect will be done in our cities, bringing transformation to broken places and systems. Becky is also the chaplain for the WNBA Dallas Wings and host of the Reformers Co. podcast.

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