3 Things Every Mom Should Quit Doing

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Every mom that I know wants to be the best mom in the world for her kids, but sometimes she may feel like the worst. As we recently celebrated moms on Mother’s Day, there are three things I recommend that we, as mothers, quit.

1. Quit trying to be perfect. As moms, we juggle so many things that something is bound to drop. It’s not about striving to do things in our own strength; it’s about receiving grace every day to walk in the presence and the power of Jesus.

2. Quit trying to fit society’s expectations. Let’s face it: You were called to stand out, not to fit in. Every child of God needs to be willing to risk misunderstanding in order to follow God’s leading. Teach your children how to take the hand of Jesus, even as they take your hand to keep them from harm.

3. Quit allowing your insecurities to determine your impact. Insecurities hinder us walking in the joy of Jesus. Every day is to be one filled with grace, unmerited favor from God.

Breathe in God’s grace. We all need God’s grace like we need air. As you breathe in His presence, you receive His power to live life filled with expectation. As moms, we need to know we have been commissioned by Jesus to:

1. Be who he’s called you to be. You don’t have to fit into anyone’s mold. You’re an original, so stop trying to be a copy.

2. Use the gifts God has given you. You’ve been called to shine and light up the darkness of the world by pointing them to Jesus.

3. Live in the grace for which Christ died. Jesus already died for your sins; you don’t have to beat yourself up if you’ve fallen short.

Raising six children and now enjoying the fruit of six grandchildren makes me realize how much all of us need Jesus every day to do what He’s called us to do. If we persist and persevere as moms, we’ll cross the finish line and receive Jesus’ words,”Well done,” if we keep going when times get tough. {eoa}

Sue Detweiler hosts Healing Rain, one of the fastest growing podcasts on Charisma Podcast Network listened to in 113 nations. Sue is a recognized member of Randy Clark’s Global Awakening Network. Sue is the mom of 6, mimi of 6 and bestselling author with over 25 years experience in pastoral ministry, leadership and education. With a strong prophetic teaching gift, Sue has equipped men and women to become pastors, evangelists and missionaries to the nations. Sue is an international speaker traveling to Central America, South America and Europe, who hopes to travel to the Middle East and Asia soon.

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