Number #1 Book in America Sounds an Ominous Warning

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The Josiah Manifesto Opens up an Ancient Mystery with Chilling Ramifications – Can we afford to ignore it?

After seven New York Times best sellers, The number one nonfiction book in America is sounding an ominous warning. The Josiah Manifesto: The Ancient Mystery and Guide for the End Times by Jonathan Cahn opens up an ancient mystery that is replaying on American soil and before our eyes.

Cahn remarkably and superbly answers questions like: What does the future hold? Is America heading for calamity? Is there hope? Have we been given a last chance? Is it possible to change history? And is there a blueprint to guide us in light of what is next to come?

Like his other books, Cahn dives into ancient mysteries as he shares the warning signs America has been given for our future. However, with this book, Cahn is providing the key, the answer, the blueprint, for how we can survive in the end times.

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One of the keys that the book opens up with is a narrative from when Cahn himself visited Cuba in 2008 where he had a face-to-face meeting with Fidel Castro. Just as America has been warned, Castro himself had been warned of his downfall by God. It was here that Cahn presented Castro with a prophetic message and object.

“The first was the shofar, the herald of the Jubilee, the sign of freedom throughout the land, restoration, return, reconciliation, liberty, and redemption, a message for the Cuban ruler,” Cahn writes.

This prophetic gift had more to it than meets the eye: it was a sign of the things to come.

“Its meaning and mystery would be manifested in the years to come,” Cahn writes. “It was a sign of the rise and the fall of Fidel Castro.” It would mark out the exact year that Castro’s reign would end, the exact day – and the exact hour.

The stunning revelations that are unlocked in The Josiah Manifesto go beyond even the rise and fall of the Cuban dictator. Cahn shines a light into the darkness that is hovering over our nation in regards to both the pandemic that gripped our nation at the onset of 2020 and the fifty-year crisis of abortion that has slaughtered millions of unborn babies in America. Cahn says that America has been warned of what is yet to come.

“When New York legalized abortion in 1970, it was only the beginning,” Cahn writes. “Because of its expansive abortion law, because of the multitudes who came to the state to have abortions, New York became the primary gateway through which abortion came to America.”

However, Cahn goes even further, saying that this legalization of abortion did more than just come to America—it allowed the power of death and destruction to later invade in 2020.

“The same primary gateway of death through which abortion came to America would now become the primary gateway of death through which the plague would come to America,” Cahn writes.

The Josiah Manifesto stunningly shows the mysteries and solutions that we need to stand guard and prevail in this hour and light of things that are to come in a way no book has yet done.

The Josiah Manifesto: The Ancient Mystery and Guide For the End Times is available wherever books are sold, online and in bookstores.

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