Never Forget the Wonders of the Lord

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First Chronicles 16:12 (ESV): “Remember the wondrous works that he has done, his miracles and the judgments he uttered.”

There is a definitive directive that we see throughout God’s Word. This instruction is to never forget who the Lord is and what He has done throughout history. The history of God’s intervention among His own people Israel, the church and the nations is foundational to our identity and function on the earth.

When we behold and reflect upon the Jewish Feasts, it is evident that a primary purpose for these events was so that Israel would never cease to remember who the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is and how He has proved Himself mighty to save and deliver throughout the history of the Jewish people.

As we are currently faced with challenging difficulties in the world that we live in, it is imperative that we reflect on who our Lord and Savior truly is. He is still a deliverer, a healer, a comforter, a warrior, etc.

Therefore, despite the fact that America is in the midst of a swirling political climate with uncertainty at every turn of our culture, our Lord and King Jesus Christ is still all-powerful. We are not to be on the run from the enemy and we are not to be plagued by fear and doubt.

As followers of Jesus, we must remember our roles as salt and light during this important season of history. Therefore, we must also look back and embrace the fact of what the Lord has done among us throughout the years.

As I reflect upon over 35 years of walking with the Lord, I can say boldly that He is altogether faithful. He has never left me or forsaken me and even in my darkest hours, I have found Him there.

There have even been times when my life was in danger in foreign countries for preaching the gospel and it was in those seasons that Jesus revealed His faithfulness to me. Even when I thought that I would be injured or even that my life could be taken, it was then that God’s empowering grace overshadowed me like a blanket of peace and solace that was not connected to my empirical senses.

I can also reflect upon the night when I was gloriously transformed on January 24th, 1985. This night serves as an anchor to help me embrace the reality of God’s faithfulness. Even though I was drunk and high, Jesus found me on that winter night.

My first experience with God’s tangible presence was when He supernaturally sobered me up on this night by His power. Upon realizing what had happened, I was aware that someone much more powerful than me and the alcohol and drugs that I had taken was in the midst.

The result is that I have been burning for Jesus for decades and have been blessed to minister the gospel in dozens of nations. I choose to remember the wonders of knowing the Lord in my own life and encourage you to do the same!

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Keith Collins is the founder of Generation Impact Ministries and Impact Global Fellowship. He is actively involved in itinerant ministry, teaching and writing. In recent years, Keith served as the president of the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry and as the director of FIRE School of Ministry, which were both born out of the Brownsville Revival in Pensacola, Florida. His recent books, Samuels Arising: Waking Up to God’s Prophetic Call and A World Without Absolutes: Discerning the Perils of Postmodern Thought are now available on Amazon, and his podcast, titled Maintain the Flame, can be heard on iTunes and at You can contact Keith via his websites at or

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