Morning Rundown: Demon Manifestation Leads Woman to Preach the Gospel on an Airplane

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Demon Manifestation Leads Woman to Preach the Gospel on an Airplane

A Frontier Airlines flight showed the reality of the spiritual realm when a woman began to scream and shout, flailing about with her arms up in the air. As people on the plane tried to get her to sit and calm down, another woman emerged who would end up being a light into the darkness.

The second woman, having watched close-up what was happening, took the opportunity to point out that what was happening was none other than a demon manifesting and that the way to eternal life is through Christ.

“This is a real devil that wants to kill each and every one of y’all,” the Christian woman said. “Including your family members; that’s not her. She’s possessed and she needs help and I’m sorry to say it like that, but I’m [going to] tell you right now Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life and nobody is going to come to the God the Father without Jesus Christ.”

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Update: Christian Pastor Clings to Life, Family Calls for Prayer

Zulya Schmidt, wife of 26-year-old Christian preacher Hans Schmidt, continues to urge fervent prayers for her husband’s recovery following a tragic shooting incident on Nov. 15. Despite facing grim circumstances, she expressed profound gratitude in a Thanksgiving message on Facebook.

As of the latest updates, Hans Schmidt remains in serious condition, prompting his family to hope and pray for a miraculous recovery. Pastor Gary Marsh of Victory Chapel First Phoenix addressed the situation during a Sunday service, urging the congregation to pray for comfort, healing and a quick recovery for Schmidt.

“We really need to pray for a quick recovery, believing God for a miracle in that,” Pastor Marsh stated, emphasizing the impact of the incident on the lives of those involved and the need for divine intervention.

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Benny Tate: Watch the Holy Spirit Work, When You Let Him In

Pastor Benny Tate knows that the enemy can keep us busy to the point where the priority of serving God sometimes becomes an afterthought. Our culture has opened its doors wide for that attitude, especially in America.

But then Tate, who has served for more than 30 years as senior pastor of Rock Springs Church in Milner, Georgia, also knows that with God’s Holy Spirit, we don’t have to “compartmentalize” our lives to exclude our Lord and Savior from any part of our life.

We must, Tate says, think of our bodies as the temple of the Holy Spirit, which should be welcome in every corner of our lives.

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