Mondo De La Vega and the Amazing Timing of God

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Abby Trivett

In an exclusive Beyond The Article interview, Mondo De La Vega shared about the importance of timing and how he’s seen the hand of God come upon him and protect him, all in His perfect timing.

Quoting the words that T.D. Jakes said to him years ago, Vega says, “Just because you’re called doesn’t mean that you’re ready for your call.”

This helped him to realize that just because someone offers you something, does not necessarily mean that it is the right moment for that gift to be utilized.

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Discussing his new book, “My Crazy Life,” Vega says how imperative it that we understand God’s promises and the varying moments that help reshape us into the people we were designed to become. Just as he recognizes that the timing for every single thing under the sun has to be just right, he saw how the timing for his own book, for his own works, had to align with God’s perfect timing.

“Back then, 26 years ago, I was not stable in my ways,” Vega says. “Even though I came to Christ, even though I understood the gospel message saved me, yet my life was not yet stable.”

It’s this story of how Vega was radically transformed by the gospel message after living a hard life as a gang member on the streets of L.A. that changed his view on God and being called by the Creator of heaven and earth for such a time as this.

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In his feature article of Charisma Magazine Online, Vega writes, “One day my sister did what many feared to do, and that was to step into my world.” He continues: “She simply said, ‘Mondo, what if God is real? What if prayer works? What if you have a different destiny? God has chosen you and has protected you.'”

After coming to this reality that God is real and that He is good and holy, Mondo not only accepted Christ, but he’s spent his life working unto the Lord. However, there was a timing and stability in his life that was needed before the fruit could be produced. He explains that what most people are missing are roots where God has planted them so He can utilize them for their full potential.

“I was afraid of peace, I was afraid of love, I was afraid of having a relationship with someone, I was afraid of even understanding what life can look like with hope,” Vega says.

It takes time for these traits—peace, love and hope—to develop. It is by taking the necessary time to become firmly planted in the Word of God, in God’s ultimate love and guidance, that we can move forward as the people He always intended for us to be.

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Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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