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With singles making up 40 percent of the population, more and more people are looking for love—sometimes in all the wrong places. Read refreshing testimonies from couples who say God divinely brought them together.
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Name: Steve and Jane Yyounce

Married: 10 yeras

I [Jane] had been a single mother for 12 years and had dated a lot of toads. So many in fact that I swore I would never go on another date again. I was so discouraged and depressed that I couldn't find a good and godly man. So one day I sat down and wrote a letter to Jesus, asking Him to pick a mate for me. In my letter I described the kind of man I wanted. I didn't say, Give me a tall dark and handsome guy. I wrote down all the characteristics I wanted in a man: kindness, sense of humor, a good role model for my children, and so on, but I ended the letter telling God that only He knew what I truly needed. And after 12 years of being alone, I asked Him to provide the perfect mate. I tucked the letter into my Bible and read it often.


A few months later, a friend who had been trying to introduce me to a guy for more than a year called me on New Year's Eve and said, It's a new year, are you finally ready to meet a nice guy. And I said yes.

When I met my future husband, Steve, it was truly incredible that he had everything I had asked for—and more. We were married a year later. Although we've had our ups and downs trying to blend a family, deal with rowdy teenagers, and other struggles, our love continues to grow. In 2006, I was diagnosed with Stage III ovarian cancer. I've met several women whose partners left because they can't deal with the illness. Steve has been the best caregiver and husband throughout the entire ordeal.

I always tell people, Ask and you shall receive if you have the right heart and it is the right time. The Holy Spirit knew the kind of man I would need that could deal with an often-fatal disease. He's my knight in shining armor.

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