Love is in the Air – Alicia and Christopher King

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With singles making up 40 percent of the population, more and more people are looking for love—sometimes in all the wrong places. Read refreshing
testimonies from couples who say God divinely brought them together.
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Name: Alicia and Christophor King

Married: 10 years

We believe we were destined by God to be married. We met in 1997 at the adult club where I [Alicia] was working. You see I was raised in church all my life and because of some distinct hypocrisy I walked away.


While doing my own thing, I let my choices and my self-rejection lead me to a lifestyle of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. Praise God my mother never stopped praying and standing on God's promises!

Meanwhile, my predestined husband was going through his own battles of false pride due to self-rejection, rages of anger and drug abuse. His choices led him to four years in a maximum-security prison.

In prison, he was recruited into a white racist gang at which time he received racist tattoos that showed his allegiance. But he had a supernatural encounter with Christ and was changed man!

Once out of prison, he began ministering only to see some things with various men of God to make him judgmental. So he walked away, but not too far. During his seeking to be refreshed by the Spirit, a cousin distracted him for a boys night out instead of his plan to go to a ministry conference.

His cousin brought him into my club, but God brought our hurting hearts and wounded spirits together. We spent the next four days talking, sharing our testimonies. We knew we were in love.

Two weeks later he asked me to marry him. I said yes! We were married 12-27-97, and now we have four beautiful children, and are on the verge of a ministry breakthrough we know was birthed from spending time in the secret place with the Most High God! Our God is awesome.

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