Jonathan Cahn Reveals the Connection Between Doritos and the Untilled Ground for the Gospel

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Abby Trivett

In one of Jonathan Cahn’s sermons, he reveals the connection between something as simple as eating Doritos and the things God is still needing to change in our lives.

Cahn points out that when we fill ourselves up on junk food, we lose our desire for what is healthy and necessary for ourselves to live a clean lifestyle. So, it is the same with our spiritual lives as well. This illustration became clear to him after being convicted of his eating habits from none other than a small child.

“I hear a voice saying, ‘Jonathan!'” Cahn said. “It’s a little kid about 15 feet away from me…he says, ‘What are you doing?’ I said ‘what do you mean?’ He says, ‘You’re eating junk food. You should not be eating junk food.'”

Cahn said that this scorn from the child, and later his sister, has a lot to do with the things in our life that we want to indulge in that we know God needs to shape and change in our lives.

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“The untilled ground is the ground in your life that you have not let God change or touch,” Cahn said. “A secret sin, a habit, whatever that is, the most; the part you have not let God change, even the most ungodly part, that is your untilled ground.”

He says that these are the places and things that we have yet to let the Lord come in and change in us to make ourselves more like Christ and bear His fruit. However, Cahn says that if we allow God into these deep and hidden places, it is the area that the Lord will use the most.

“From that is going to come the most growth when you give it to God,” Cahn said. “The areas of your life you want growth, the areas of your life that are going to have the most growth is when you give those places to God and God come in because that is your untilled ground. That’s what’s going to bear the most fruit once it comes into God’s presence.”

Cahn shares that if we surrender our greatest sins and struggles to the Lord, He will use them to catapult our lives to something greater.

“The area of greatest change are those sins that you hang on to or even just that attitude or that scar you just don’t let God touch. That’s where the greatest thing is going to be.”

Cahn says the best thing that we can do to allow God to do the work that He has to do in us is to write down the things that we have not allowed God to touch to identify what ground needs to be broken up and tilled.

“In God you have to press out and you have to step out even if though you’ll fall on your face, you got to go out,” Cahn said. “Peter could never walk on water if he didn’t do that. That’s where the new ground is, that’s where you’re going to have new victories, that’s where it’s going to be revived. Step out of your routine.”

Just as Cahn shares this key to growing in the Lord, he opens up even more fantastic mysteries to help us walk soundly with the Lord in his latest book, The Josiah Manifesto.

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Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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