Is God Sending Us A Message For This Hour?

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Jonathan Cahn’s Latest Book Issues A Warning To America And A Blueprint For Overcoming In The End Times

We are living in unprecedented times. We’ve seen a pandemic, dramatic cultural changes, social unrest, fires and storms, more wars and rumors of war. There’s a lot of fear and concern in the hearts and lives of people everywhere. We are worried, angry, confused, frustrated, and crying out for help and hope.

But in his latest stunning bestseller, The Josiah Manifesto, author Jonathan Cahn shines a beacon of hope for America. And while the book certainly contains a warning, it also reveals God’s plan for His people in these last days – a blueprint for every Christian, the answer for what to do and how to live in view of what we face in the coming days.

“I am known for opening these things up and giving warning,” says Cahn. “But I never write a book without hope. To me, we are living in the most exciting time. The Bible said these things were going to happen, so we can’t complain or be surprised when they do. It tells me that God’s on the throne — that the challenges are great and if the dark is getting darker, the light has to get brighter.”


Cahn reminds us that Jesus’ own followers did not live in a Christian culture. “They lived in an anti-Christian culture, and yet they were the most powerful witness we’ve ever seen. So I believe that’s what God wants. We are not to fear because we, of all people, know who’s on the throne, we know the end of the story, and we know the power we have.

“When you’re watching a movie, what’s the most exciting part? The last 15 minutes. God put us in the last 15 minutes. I’m excited about that. We have to be become the people God called us to be.”

Basing The Josiah Manifesto on an ancient biblical pattern, Cahn opens up stunning mysteries that lie behind the dramatic events of recent times that have changed our world — then he takes some of the mysteries he’s revealed in past books and goes further than ever before. He says this book is a guide for the end times.

“What if God was sending us a message, a revelation for this hour?” Cahn asks. “What if, behind the events of our time, things aren’t really out of control but there is an ancient mystery behind it? What if there is an ancient calendar that is so specific, it actually ordains the events of our times down to the exact year, month, week, dates, and in some cases, the exact second? What if there is a way, from the Bible, that God is highlighting, to overcome and prevail—not only now, but in the days ahead?”

After seven explosive New York Times bestsellers, including The Harbinger, The Oracle, and The Return of the Gods, Cahn says The Josiah Manifesto is different from any book he’s written before.

“This is like a prophetic journey,” he says, “where the puzzle pieces all come together to open up this key: the answer of how to live, what to do, what we need to know for the days ahead. In many ways, I believe it’s one of the most important things I’ve written. It’s a message for such a time as this, for God’s people to know.”


According to Cahn, this present darkness is based on an ancient biblical pattern, now with a new manifesting. America has departed from her roots, her commitment to God, just as ancient Israel did before her fall.

“Here’s a nation that knew God then turned away,” he says, “and then these signs began appearing — signs of judgment given to warn that nation. The Josiah Manifesto takes that forward. America and Israel are very much joined – they’re the only two civilizations that were founded specifically for the purposes of God. And America is now reenacting what happened to ancient Israel. When you turn away from God, it’s a dangerous thing.”

At the beginning of the book, Cahn speaks of the Valley of Hinnom, where the prophet Jeremiah prophesied that because Israel sacrificed their children, judgment would come (Jeremiah 19). In parallel, abortion in America has also sacrificed children. “You cannot do that without judgment coming,” says Cahn. “So it’s a warning and a wake-up call. Israel was in deep trouble, and America is also on that verge. We are a nation in danger because of what we have done.”

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At the heart of The Josiah Manifesto is the biblical precedent of Jubilee.

“In the Bible, the year of Jubilee comes every 50 years – it’s the 50th year, the year that everything gets reversed or undone,” says Cahn. “In some ways, it’s a great thing. If you are enslaved, you are released, it’s undone. If you lost your land, you get it back, it’s restored. So for many, Jubilee is the year of restoration, a year of blessing.

“But at the same time, there’s another side of it — it’s a year of reversal and restitution. If you took land that didn’t belong to you, then in the year of Jubilee, it’s all reversed. What you took is taken from you. It’s also a year of restitution. And this mystery reveals some incredible things about what’s been happening in America and in the world.”


The Josiah Manifesto continues to connect the puzzle pieces as it reveals a chilling comparison between America’s sin of abortion and the Covid-19 pandemic.

“As Jeremiah said, the death of the children is answered by death,” says Cahn. “And so the question comes up: what about the numbers? How many babies were killed in the initial three-year period between when abortion entered America in 1970 until Roe versus Wade in 1973? The answer is 1.3 million. Then 50 years later — the Jubilee — we have another three-year period and it’s the period of the plague from 2020 to the beginning of 2023. How many Americans died of the plague? The answer is 1.3 million, the exact same number.”

The Josiah Manifesto draws another stunning comparison. “There was another day, in the middle of March, where everything shut down,” Cahn says. “A quarantine came on America. The stock market crashed. Everything went into lockdown. President Trump went on the television to announce it, and the media called it ‘the day that everything changed.’

“That day was March 11th, 2020. So what if you go back 50 years to March 11th, 1970? That is the exact date that abortion actually began in America. And so the exact day abortion began in America, 50 years later the plague fell on America.”


Those are just a couple of the mysteries revealed in this captivating new book, The Josiah Manifesto.

It opens up the mystery of appointed days, an ancient calendar that actually gives the exact days, the times when the shakings of America happened,” says Cahn. “It looks into a mystery behind Donald Trump and January 6th, the storming of the US Capitol. It looks into the overturning of Roe versus Wade. And it talks about revival, how there is hope for America.”

After revealing so many stunning biblical parallels, The Josiah Manifesto book ends on a high note. “There are a lot of mysteries, a lot of puzzle pieces coming together,” Cahn says, “and it all leads to what do we need to do? God wants us to know an ancient key that instructs us how to survive, and stand, and prevail in the days to come. And that’s what The Josiah Manifesto is about.” {eoa}

Jonathan Cahn is known as a prophetic voice to our times. He leads Hope of the World ministry and Beth Israel/the Jerusalem Center, his ministry base and worship center in Wayne, New Jersey. He is a much-sought-after speaker and appears throughout America and the world. For more information go to HopeoftheWorld.com

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