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Is Asbury University Making the Right Decision?

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Shelby Bowen

Asbury University has announced that the location of the ongoing revival at the school will be moved to a new central location in Kentucky. While the details of that location have not yet been released, Dr. Michael Brown is encouraging Christians that this move of God can sustain itself around the country.

On Jan. 30, Brown was speaking on his “Line of Fire” radio show when he felt prompted to share publicly the first wave of revival was here. Eight days later on Feb. 8, revival broke out at Asbury University in Hughes Auditorium.

Over the weekend 25,000 people gathered in front of Asbury in the sleepy town of Wilmore, Kentucky. State Troopers blocked entrances to the city, only allowing the 6,000 residents who live in the town, in on Sunday evening. “They are making the right decision in decentralizing so quickly,” Brown says.

Christians around the world have traveled to Asbury to sit in the presence of God. We’ve heard reports of a pastor from Chile selling his car to fly over. Other believers from Israel flew in for multiple days and left completely changed.

Thirteen days have come and gone, and it’s clear this has been a revival of repentance. This is not like the Brownsville outpouring in Pensacola, Florida, or the Toronto Blessing in Canada, where people flocked to one place. Reports are continually popping up of the revival spreading to a new college campus.

“The leadership there has handled this with great wisdom. I absolutely believe they are making the right decision in decentralizing very quickly,” Brown says.

The university has kept classes going the last two weeks so the revival services would ebb and flow within their normal lives. Now with Fox News and other mainstream media covering the meetings, it’s clear the location needs to change.

Wherever people are earnestly seeking God and crying out for His Spirit, He will move.

Many have wondered if it’s too soon to call what has happened at Asbury University a revival. Here are a few key points Brown shares that have distinguished the Asbury revival:

  • The timing is right on schedule. Leaders in the church have been fasting and praying for a move of God in the next generation.
  • The suddenness of the event has all of the indicators of revival.
  • Deep repentance, confession of sin and holiness have marked the last two weeks.
  • People from around the world feel drawn to attend.
  • Nobody can take credit for what has happened.

“I believe the fruit will be seen as this continues,” Brown says.

Tune in to the rest of the interview with Brown to hear his thoughts on the criticism and what you can expect next.

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Shelby Bowen is an assistant editor for Charisma Media.



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