If You Have the Anna Anointing of Prophetic Intercession, You Must Discern This

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Jenny Rose Curtis

Heaven is ready to invade the earth with undeniable power as in the days of the Book of Acts. There is a great awakening on the horizon filled with glorious revival. This revival will not happen in a vacuum. Prayer must precede revival.

In Isaiah 62:6-7, those who make mention of the Lord are prophetic intercessors God is raising up on the earth. The phrase “make mention” is key in describing the function of those with an Anna anointing. “Make mention” comes from the Hebrew word zachar. It means “to remember, bring into mind, recollect; also, to mention, meditate upon, mark down, record, recall and retain in one’s thoughts.” The special company of women with the Anna anointing will take hold of the altar of God in prayer, reasoning with the Lord and reminding Him of His promises for mankind. I believe Anna was the beginning of the fulfillment of this prophetic promise. There is a generation of women who will fast and pray, preparing the way for the glory and power of the Lord to come on the earth.

Prayer is the primary way God has chosen to release His power on the earth. The prophetess Anna’s primary assignment was in the temple or house of God. She was an intercessory prophetess. Through her fasting and prayers she helped prepare the way for the coming of the Lord. I believe she represented the wise virgins in Matthew 25—she had her lamp trimmed, burning and filled with oil of the Spirit. She was not sleeping or slumbering—she set up a prayer vigil, and she paid a price. Her praying day and night represented the power of the watch of the Lord. It represented relentless, urgent prayer. Those with the Anna anointing will understand the power of praying in the day and praying in the night.

God is awakening a company of women akin to Anna once again. This is a season in history in which extreme prayer is needed to bring the glory of God on the earth. The Lord is setting watchmen on the wall to cry out in desperation for God to visit our churches, change society and deliver and set free those in captivity. God is raising up an Anna company who will have the anointing to see in the spirit and in the Scripture, pinpointing what God is about to do on the earth. This enables them to understand God’s divine times and to proclaim them to those who look for salvation.

The term intercession” has several meanings. The apostle Paul used the Greek word enteuxis, which means “a prayer with a set meeting time, place, and purpose” and “to mediate or stand in for another.” It can also mean “a petition to a king,” in the sense of going before the king to make a request of him. It implies that prophetic intercessors have intimate access to and fellowship with the King of kings. Through prayer, we have both privilege and power. “It is not that prayer itself has the power, but that we have access to the One who has the power.”

Prophetic intercession is the infusion of the priestly and the prophetic. In the simplest form prayer is talking to God, and prophecy is declaring what He had said about a subject. Prophetic intercession combines the office of the priest with the office of the prophet. The priest worships, has fellowship with and ministers to God, and the prophet speaks for God to the people. Prophetic intercession originates in the mind of God. It is a type of prayer that is inspired by the Holy Spirit. It is expressed when the Holy Spirit quickens your human spirit by providing particular Scriptures for you to apply to the matter at hand, an urgent need on the heart of God. When there is a set time to birth a promise of God on the earth, God drops a burden on a prophetic intercessor. This type of praying is a fusion of God’s revelation and insights into what needs to be prayed and how to pray. God will direct you to pray to bring forth His will on the earth as it is in heaven. The prophetic intercessor must wait before God with an awakened ear to hear His voice, spiritual eyes to see, and a receptive, sensitive heart to receive God’s burden.

To be an effective prophetic intercessor, you must learn to discern the burden of the Lord. The greatest key to being a prophetic intercessor is your relationship to the Lord. You will become what you behold. Second Corinthians 3:18 says, “But we all, seeing the glory of the Lord with unveiled faces, as in a mirror, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory by the Spirit of the Lord.” Those with the Anna anointing will be separated, consecrated ones who learn to practice the presence of the Lord. They will be filled with the Spirit, learning to discern the heart of Jesus for this generation.

anna anointing
Adapted from The Anna Anointing by Michelle McClain-Walters, copyright 2017, published by Charisma House. If you love to pray and are an intercessor, this book will be a source of encouragement and help to you as you enter in to pray effective, fervent prayers that will make tremendous power available to this generation. Understand your anointing as an “Anna” to this generation. To order your copy, click on this link.

Prayer Power for the Week of April 15, 2018

This week, continue to pray for our president and those in leadership with him who make decisions affecting us and the world. Remember those facing hardship from last year’s losses and ask the Lord how you can help during the recovery process. Pray for your pastor, church leaders, membership and outreach ministries. Join with other intercessors to pray for worldwide revival and the soon return of our Lord. Read: Isaiah 62:6-7; Jeremiah 27:18; 1 Corinthians 2:9-10, 14.

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