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Joseph Prince

The presence of Jesus is
all you need. It is exciting to enjoy His presence daily in everything you do.
The Bible records the story of a group of friends who broke through the rooftop
of a house, so they could bypass the crowds blocking their way to Jesus, and
bring their paralytic friend before Jesus to be healed.

I love that
“whatever it takes” spirit to be in the presence of Jesus. But you know what?
Today we don’t have to climb mountains, swim vast oceans or even break through
rooftops to be in His presence. Right where you are, Jesus, your Immanuel, is
with you!

There is a powerful rhetorical question in the Bible and I
encourage you to memorize it: If God is for us, who can be against us? (see Rom.

It is unfortunate that there are still some believers today
wondering, Is God really for me? Well, my friend, the Word of God does
not say, “maybe God is for us” or hopefully, God is
for us.” It simply says, “If God is for us, who can be against

Indeed, when God Himself fights for you, defends you and vindicates
you, what adversity or adversary can stand against you? None!

“But Pastor Prince, how did God come to be on our side?
Even though I am a Christian today, I still fail and fall short of God’s holy
standards. I still lose my temper on the road now and then, and from time to
time, I still get angry with my spouse and kids. Why should God be on my side
when I fail? Don’t you know that God’s holy?”

Have you seen Cecil B.
DeMille’s movie The Ten Commandments, or the animated The Prince of
Do you remember what happened on the night of the Passover? The
children of Israel put the blood of the lamb on their doorposts. What did the
blood do? The blood put God on their side! None of the families who had applied
blood to their doorposts had to fear the death of their firstborn

Now, think about this for a moment. Were the firstborn children
of Israel spared that night because of their perfect behavior and conduct, or
were they spared because of the blood of the lamb? Of course, it was because of
the blood of the lamb!

In the same way, God does not bless you, as a new
covenant believer, based on your perfect behavior and conduct. He is for
today because of the blood of the perfect Lamb—Jesus Christ. That is why
as believers today, we don’t have to fight for ourselves. I like to say it this
way: “If God is for us, who can come successfully against us?”

remember that God is on your side today because of Jesus’ blood. His holiness
and righteousness that men are afraid of are now on your side because of Jesus’

His unmerited favor is on your side and
all of heaven’s resources are yours because of Jesus’ blood! Now, who can come
against you? No sickness, no disease, no creditor, no evil accusation, no
gossip—no weapon formed against you—can come successfully against you!

want you to recognize that you cannot evaluate God’s presence and His unmerited
favor in your life based on your circumstances. Don’t be discouraged by your
current situation. I know things may sometimes appear bleak, dismal and perhaps,
even devastating, but it ain’t over, my friend.

There are times when the
lowest points in your life are actually the launching pad to God’s greatest
promotion in your life. Study the life of Joseph (see Gen. 37-50) and you will
see how God’s presence with Joseph and His unmerited favor caused Joseph to be
promoted from the pit to the palace.

Stop looking at your circumstances
and stop allowing them to discourage you. The same Lord who was with Joseph is
with you right now. You cannot fail! You can expect to see success beyond your
present circumstances!


Adapted from Unmerited Favor by Joseph
Prince, copyright 2010, published by Charisma House. This book is a must-read
for anyone who wants to live the good life-God’s way. Packed with new covenant
truths on the unmerited favor of God, learn what Jesus has accomplished for you
to help you succeed in every area of your life. To order a copy click on this link.

This week thank
the Lord that His blood brings you into a place of unmerited favor.
Pray for faith to stand on His promises and believe that He is really on
your side. Ask Him to direct your steps according to His Word and to
increase your discernment so that you can see clearly what He has in
store for you. Remember the persecuted church, our military and their
families, those who have suffered loss of jobs, homes, families and
health in these difficult economic times. Continue to pray that He send
more workers into His harvest fields, for the peace of Jerusalem and for
an outpouring of His Spirit without measure. Rom. 8:31; Gen. 37-50

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