How to Speak to the Storm in the Midst of Struggles

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Margaret English

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Have you ever been in a stormy situation in which it seemed as if the devil was attempting to stir up everything in your life: strife, contention, hurt and wounds, anger, fear—the works?

I’m learning that in the midst of life’s storms the Lord has a powerful solution. We can speak peace to the storm, according to Mark 4:39.

This verse tells us that in the midst of a great windstorm, Jesus “arose and rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, “Peace, be still” (NKJ). Because Christ, the greater One, lives in us, we can take authority in a similar way over the rough places in our lives.

At times we can feel the spiritual storms beginning to blow around us. Tempers flare, fingers point, and confusion and hurt try to overwhelm us. How can we not only exist but also live happy lives in the midst of such spiritual warfare?

We become the ultimate peacemakers when, under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, we speak peace to our situations.

Often fear is a lack of peace. Confusion is too. Strife, anger, pride—many emotions arise from a lack of peace. In an attitude of peace, we can all reach up and touch faith. In strife and confusion, our minds and hearts churn in circles of fear, hurt, woundedness and worse.

A few years ago the Lord allowed me to reach out to many individuals who needed healing. It was an overwhelming experience. The need was so great, I wondered, “What can I give these people during the storms that surround pain, disease or even death?”

During the time—whether I was visiting hospitals or jails or ministering in the wheelchair section at evangelistic crusades—I learned to speak words of peace. I found that it wasn’t so much what I said but the anointing of God’s peace with which I said it.

Peace is a powerful key. Is it any wonder Christ is called the Prince of Peace?

He looked at the storm and spoke peace to the wind and waves. He didn’t react, didn’t churn, didn’t get worried and anxious. He walked in an entirely different spirit from the one ruling those around Him. Because He was filled with peace, He spoke peace and peace came, not only to the wind and the waves but also to the people in the boat.

How do you walk in such a way that you become a vessel of peace? Stay close to God in prayer; let His Word lead you step by step through every storm and refrain from being drawn into an atmosphere of strife.

The most notable thing about Christ in the storm is that He existed in an entirely different atmosphere from that which surrounded everyone else in the boat. While the disciples focused on the waves, spoke fear and intensified the atmosphere of pressure, Christ was at complete rest. In fact, “He was in the stern, asleep on a pillow” (Mark 4:38) before the disciples woke Him up—with the storm raging in full force around Him!”

I’ve decided that it is a privilege to be called at times to stormy waters, and I am committed to letting God use my life to usher in His peace, no matter how great the storm. You can do the same—and God will anoint you to make a difference!


This week pray for the peace of God to flood your heart and then those around you. Pray that President Obama will continue to seek God for wisdom and pray for his cabinet, his family, and those in Congress who make decisions affecting our nation and the world. Pray that righteousness will once again prevail in our nation and for God’s will to be done in all government decisions. Pray God’s protection over our children and youth as they attend schools, colleges and universities. Pray for revival to impact our churches and spread throughout the land. Continue to pray for Israel and its protection. James 5:16-17; 1 Tim. 2:1-4

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