God’s ‘Survival Guide’ to the End Times

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Jonathan Cahn’s Stunning New Book Opens Up the Mystery of What’s Coming and the Key You Need to Survive the Days Ahead

Could the events of modern times, even of recent years, be the outplaying of mysteries going back two and a half thousand years?

Could these mysteries have ordained the exact timing of recent calamities that have dramatically altered our lives?

What does the future hold? Is there an answer, a guide from God that reveals what we need to know to stand and prevail in these perilous times?

In his latest mind-blowing bestseller The Josiah Manifesto, released earlier this September by Charisma Media, Jonathan Cahn faces these questions and more head on, revealing God’s blueprint for every Christian – the answer for what to do and how to live in view of what we face in the coming days.

“It’s a guide for the end times,” says Cahn. “God wants you to know an ancient key that instructs you how to survive, and stand, and prevail in the days to come.”

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After seven explosive New York Times bestsellers, Cahn has done it again, opening up in this book the stunning mysteries that lie behind the dramatic events of recent times that have changed our world – then taking some of the mysteries he’s revealed in the past further than they’ve ever gone before.


In Cahn’s other books, he generally avoids mentioning himself, but interestingly, he is written into The Josiah Manifesto. “I will appear in some of the mysteries to be opened,” Cahn says. “The reason being that I could not reveal them without bearing witness to what I saw and heard firsthand.

The Josiah Manifesto will go into realms I have never before gone into. Some of the mysteries will begin where others left off, as in those of The Harbinger II, The Paradigm, The Oracle, and The Return of the Gods. Their revelations will thus be furthered or brought to their conclusions. The Josiah Manifesto takes us to the next stage and level, and will reveal what I’ve long held back from revealing as well as that which came after. And so there will be mysteries that in the past were launched that will now come in for a landing.”


It’s not news to any of us that a certain darkness has slowly been invading our world, and Cahn begins by acknowledging it’s far-reaching effects. “It is an ancient darkness and yet new in its manifesting,” writes Cahn. “It’s permeating our media, our entertainments, our marketplaces, our schools, our corporations, our public squares, our governments, our culture, our lives. It is setting in motion the transformation of our society, the overturning of ancient foundations, and the destroying of age-old standards of morality, values, perception, and faith.”

He points out that this darkness is unrelenting. “It seeks not only to exist and grow, but to exercise total dominion, to force all it touches into submission, to subjugate language, to alter perception, and to bend reality into its image. It is a darkness that requires every tongue to confess its name and every knee to bow down in its homage.”

Cahn gives us a chilling reminder that anyone who has tried to defy or resist this evil darkness has been targeted – either for assimilation, transformation, or destruction. “It is a totalitarian darkness,” Cahn says. “It cannot rest until all lights are extinguished.”


The Josiah Manifestotakes readers on a prophetic journey that opens up a tapestry of mysteries, each interwoven with the others. “At first appearance, they may not seem directly related to one another,” Cahn says, “and it may not be obvious where they are all heading. Each will be a puzzle piece of a still larger mystery in which they will all be joined together.”

The journey leads readers to two islands, one in the Caribbean, the other in the Pacific, and to two ancient kings, one who remains a mystery, the other, a revelation. It will involve a mystery of times, a plague, two gates, two Supreme Court justices, a god of darkness, a calendar of sacred days, a night of signs, an ancient evil, a prophetic foreshadowing, more than one prophet, a multitude of leaders, an appointed word, a child and a river, a sacred assembly, a vision, an altar, a redemption, and an ancient instrument through which the power of God was manifested.

In Cahn’s other books, the overall context in which the mysteries appear could be discerned early on. But in this one, one mystery and context will lead to another and another. “As the revelation progresses, each piece will begin converging with the others and ultimately into one specific time and place,” Cahn says. “This, in turn, will open the door to the final revelation. That final revelation will, in turn, provide the answer, the key, the blueprint, and the manifesto.”


While many of the mysteries revealed are shocking, to say the least, Cahn says all is not lost – God has not left us without direction and help. “In other books, I have written of this darkness, of its progression, of its consequences, its judgment, and the mysteries that lie behind it and that foretell its future. I have often been asked, ‘Is there hope?’ ‘What can we do?’ and, ‘How then should we live?’

“There is hope,” Cahn assures us. “And there is a template that holds the keys and provides a guide as to how to live and prevail in light of this present and coming darkness. More than any book I’ve written, The Josiah Manifesto reveals in detail and clarity that answer, that template, and that guide.”

The book takes us on a journey from a Caribbean Island to the Washington D.C. to the ancient Valley of Hinnom to the Supreme Court to a desert mountain to an ancient middle eastern temple to the gates of America – all to uncover an ancient puzzle that lies behind the events that have altered our lives. And, in the end, to give us God’s instructions for prevailing in the days ahead.

It’s a must-read for every Christian in these perilous time.

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