How God’s True Light Can Change Our Perspective

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Does God's true light shine in your life?

After many years of decorating our home with hand-me-downs and secondhand furniture, my husband and I were able to purchase some new living room furniture. I finally was able to select something we both really liked, a beautiful, heavenly blue sofa and love seat.

We were at work when the furniture was delivered, so with much anticipation we rushed home to see our dream living room set. Imagine my dismay when I arrived and saw a dark navy set instead of the heavenly blue one we had seen in the showroom.

A friend and mentor advised me to stand up for what I was promised. She reminded me that this was a season of blessing for us, and I should contact the store and ask them to rectify the situation. After all, we were paying for it.

I took her advice and went back to the store to see the salesman and the original living room set we thought we had purchased. The salesman assured us that they wanted us to be completely satisfied and would make adjustments to make that happen.

At his request, the next day we brought one of the dark seat cushions into the showroom to compare with the one displayed. Here’s the proof, I thought. My husband stood stoically by my side as we carefully placed our cushion next to the showroom sofa.

To our chagrin, the colors were a perfect match. What looked so dark in my living room was a bright heavenly blue in the showroom. How could this be? What could possibly have made such a difference?

I was so sure of my “truth” that no one could have convinced me otherwise until I stood in the bright lights of the showroom and saw for myself. This was indeed the set we ordered. I had jumped to the conclusion that I did not get what I was promised simply because it did not look the way I expected it to look in my space. Was I ever wrong!

We sometimes view God’s promises that way. We draw conclusions based on the light we have filtered through our past experiences rather than on His truth. We put ourselves through much grief simply because we believe something that is not true as if it were true. For example, we can be convinced in our own minds that God loves everyone except us because we have never felt loved in our past. That is not His truth, but we believe, feel and live as though it were.

Taking it further, some people believe that living a good life, giving to charity or even blowing themselves up in order to destroy “infidels” will earn them a place in heaven. Others are convinced that there is no absolute truth and all truth is relative so it doesn’t matter what you believe. That is their perception, but it is not the truth.

It took the bright light in the store to reveal what was really there. I embraced that truth and went home to enjoy my new furniture. But the experience made me aware of how quick we are to believe our own perceptions and how vulnerable we are to deception. We can be so convinced of a matter and be totally wrong. Fortunately, when the truth was revealed it worked for my good, but there are those for whom deception can have dire eternal consequences.

One day our short lives will be over and we will stand before our Creator. At that time, the glorious light of heaven will shine upon us and expose the truth of who we really are. In that light we will know whether we are a blood-bought child of God destined for eternity with Him, or one who believed a lie as truth and now faces the reality of eternal hell. That moment of truth will either bring tremendous joy or devastating agony.

God’s truth is clear in His Word when it states the only one way to heaven is through the Christ who is the light of the world (see John 1:3-4). He alone is the way, the truth and the life (see John 14:6) and only those who believe in Him have everlasting life (see John 6:47). God’s true light changes all other perspectives.

Have you embraced that truth and the Savior who gave His life for your eternal soul? If not, don’t wait until you leave this planet for an eternal hell. It will be too late. Do it now! Surrender your heart and life to Christ right now.

If you already know Him as Savior and Lord, commit yourself to carry His light and truth to those who desperately need to know it this side of eternity.

Share God’s love with someone; bring them some flowers, invite them to church or dinner and show them how much God loves and thinks of them. Let’s not get so wrapped up in our own celebrations that we forget those that desperately need to know the Savior that gave His life for them. Let His light shine through you so they can see the truth that will set them free.

Prayer Power for the Week of 6/23/2014

This week ask God to shine His light into every area of your life so that you can walk in total freedom and transparency before Him. Ask Him to use you to carry his truth and His presence to those you influence. Pray that a great awakening would spread throughout our nation and that God would purge His church and our government from all unrighteousness. Ask Him to pour His Spirit on all nations and manifest His glory on the earth. Continue to pray for those persecuted for His Name’s sake, that Israel would fulfill God’s purposes in this hour, and that the church would rise up in prayer, unity and purpose to impact the world (John 1:3-4; John 3:16; John 6:47).

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