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Leonard R. Davidson

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It was Election Day. My wife and I chose a time of the day to go vote when things would not be so busy and we could just get in and out. As we walked up the sidewalk to the building where the polling was taking place, we were handed a pink sheet of paper. The nice lady explained that this sheet was a sample ballot to let us know the candidates and issues that were being voted on. She also said that it would instruct us as to how to use the new “touch screen” voting equipment.

Being one of those people who actually reads instructions, I read as we walked. I, in fact, always read the instructions all the way through before I start to “assemble” or “operate” anything. I finished studying the pink sheet as we stood in line. I felt prepared to vote.

While we stood and waited, I noticed that the line was moving very slowly. I also noticed pink sheets of paper everywhere—on tables, on the floor, in the trash, stuck in purses and pockets. We were now close enough to view the people entering the voting area. It was no surprise that virtually no one knew how to use the “touch” screen, not to mention that they had not read about the “issues” that were on the ballot.

Naturally, they first had to read about each of the issues on the screen and then ask for help to be able to finally cast their ballot. The “helpers” would try to point and give instruction, while at the same time trying to honor the voter’s privacy. I wanted to shout, “Why didn’t you read the pink paper? All of the answers were in the instruction sheet, designed to guide you through the process!” I refrained, much to my wife’s delight.

Psalm 25: 8 says, “Good and upright is the Lord; therefore he instructs sinners in His ways” (NIV, emphasis added). How does the Lord instruct us? Psalm 119:99 gives us great insight into this. The psalmist declares, “I have more insight than all of my teachers, for your testimonies are my meditation” (NASB).Of the 176 verses in Psalm 119, nearly every one mentions the word of God in some fashion—law, statutes, testimonies, precepts, and commandments. 

In other words, the Bible is God’s instruction manual. We too often think of it as just a bunch of rules and regulations designed to keep us from enjoying life. And this is the really tragic part: God’s Word—His instruction manual to guide us through every moment of every day—usually is lying on a shelf.

We stumble through life wondering what God’s will for our life is. His will for our lives is not hidden from us—it is hidden for us. When the tests come, we scramble to shoot up a prayer to God to help us or get us out of a jam. The guide that the Holy Spirit wants to use to remind us of all that God has for us is unread and neglected. 

God’s Word has His instruction for every situation in life. There’s something about marriage, finances, health, and daily decisions. What if we actually followed the instructions concerning marriage, finances or health?  Every issue has been dealt with. Every base covered.

This week in your Christ walk journey, try something new. Too often we feel like we need to read for an hour every day. We plan to read three chapters a day to keep up with our “Read-through-the-Bible-in-a-year” plan. Then we fall short, we get behind and we give up.

This week, every day, just pick one verse—any verse. Use the Psalms or Proverbs. Then for the rest of the day, just meditate on that verse. The next day choose a different verse. Guess what? At the end of a year you will have thought about and meditated on 365 verses. And those verses will guide your life. They will instruct you in the way you should go. God’s path for your life will be clearer. You will look back amazed at how much of His “instruction manual” you will know. Follow the directions and your life will be forever changed. I promise.


This week hold on to the unchanging Word of God and use it to enhance your prayer life and guide your daily walk. Thank God that in this season of perpetual changes—jobs, income, housing, weather and government, His Word remains solid and the final authority for our faith and practice. Regardless of who wins in the Elections this week, pray that the nation would recognize our need for divine guidance and unite as one nation under God. Pray that God’s people would lead the way to putting aside our differences and unite in prayer and purpose to expand His kingdom. Remember those victimized by Hurricane Sandy and pray that we would work together to bring both physical and spiritual healing to those in desperate need.  Remember Israel and pray for the peace of Jerusalem, those newly elected to office, and a fruitful harvest of souls. Psalm 25:8; 2 Chron. 7:14; 1 The. 5:17,18

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