Embrace the Sarah Anointing to Walk in a Kingdom Marriage

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Robert Caggiano

Can two walk together, unless they are agreed?—Amos 3:3.

Sarah and Abraham were a power couple. They were called to be something great together. They were called to change the world together. But being a power couple and changing the world takes a lot of work. It also takes a lot of humility.

All couples that God calls to do things together to advance the kingdom have at least a degree of the dynamic between Sarah and Abraham in their relationship. Every union between a husband and wife has a kingdom purpose. It may be to start a church or a ministry or a business, or it may be to just work regular jobs and love their kids well. But each couple has a purpose. Once you have a vision for your union and you know the purpose of why you are together, you can set goals and see them achieved to make the name of Jesus famous in the earth. And as a couple, you can produce sons and daughters, whether natural or spiritual or both, all to grow the kingdom of God.

Called Out

Abraham and Sarah went through a process together. They didn’t get married and instantly become the father and mother of faith, and have God make a covenant with them. There was a progression, a path they had to follow. And the beauty of it all is that they followed it together.

It started when they were called out. They were called out of their country, away from their family and out of Abraham’s father’s house. They were called completely out of their culture because God was going to do something new. He was going to use them to create a new culture.

If God is calling you and your Abraham out of something, you need to heed that call. There are times when God wants to put separation between us and the things that may distract us, slow us down or even block us from pursuing the vision He has given us. Sometimes He calls us out so the voices we have spent our lives listening to don’t drown out His voice. When there is a voice behind you saying, “This is the way, walk in it” (Isa. 30:21b), you don’t want to miss that voice because of all the others shouting in your ears.

God didn’t just call Abraham and Sarah out of something. He called them into something.

Every marriage has a purpose, and it’s different for everyone, but the husband and wife need to be in agreement about that purpose. Especially when God is calling you out and you don’t know where you are going—as was the case with Abraham and Sarah—being in agreement, both of you having a yes in your hearts, is vital. For when you have that yes, it gives you the grace to handle all the unknowns as you walk your God-given path together.

When you have the vision for your union, when you know your purpose, and when you are both in agreement, you can both be comfortable with your defined roles. That agreement means that you can do what you are called to do and be OK with it, whether you are on the front lines or not. One of you may be the CEO while the other handles humanitarian efforts. You may be together in a ministry where both of you have a strong voice, or one of you may have a strong voice while the other is in a supporting role. One of you may be in ministry while the other is a businessperson. One of you may be working a regular job while the other one homeschools your seven children. The roles don’t have to be traditional, but they can be. The vision for your marriage should allow both of you to use the gifts God has given you in your respective roles so you can find that place of synergy and unity.

The Power of Difference

When God created Adam and Eve, He created them to be different. Men and women are different from each other. Our bodies are different, and we can have different gifts and different strengths and weaknesses. God did not create women to do everything men can do, nor did God create men to do everything women can do. But that does not mean that women are somehow inferior to men or that men are somehow inferior to women. God made us different, and we need to embrace that difference rather than trying to eliminate it or pretend it doesn’t exist. Satan is the author of division, confusion and strife between women and men. God wants us to move and work together, but Satan does everything in his power to get in the way of that. For even Satan recognizes that we are better together and that our differences make us stronger.

Differences are important. God doesn’t create covenants based on sameness. Covenants bring people together so they benefit from each other’s strengths. If everyone had the same strengths, the covenant would not have much of a purpose. When a man and a woman enter into a marriage covenant, the idea is for their strengths and weaknesses to complement and cover each other. The Word says that “love will cover a multitude of sins” (1 Pet. 4:8b, NKJV). One person’s strengths can be the answer to the other person’s weaknesses, and vice versa. Celebrating and valuing your differences will help you both move forward in your growth process. The very differences you have are behind your superpower as a couple, and they will become your greatest strengths when you acknowledge them, honor them and use them effectively in pursuit of your purpose.

Sarah recognized her value as a woman. She had different strengths than Abraham did, and her strengths helped to cover some of his weaknesses. For example, Sarah was a contender for the vision God had given them. When Abraham was getting off track, she used her voice to try to get back onto the right path. As a modern-day Sarah, you also need to recognize your value as a woman. God did not make a mistake when He designed you the way He did. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. The things that make you uniquely you are gifts; they are blessings.

While Sarah recognized her own value, she also recognized the value of Abraham. His gifts were different, and she looked to him to cover her and to protect her by using those gifts. Modern-day Sarahs must do the same. They must recognize the value of the men in their lives, especially their Abrahams, and honor and respect those gifts. Yes, we are different, but there is power in that difference. And when we, as daughters of Sarah, begin to demonstrate valuing and celebrating the differences between us and the men in our lives, the next generation will take notice. Honoring each other’s differences will become part of the spiritual legacy we leave for the generations to come.

Michelle McClain-Walters’ Prayer for Your Abraham

Father, I thank You for my husband.
I ask that You will cause his dreams and godly desires to come to pass. Lord,
I ask that You will protect our marriage covenant from anything or anyone that would come to destroy it. I pray that my husband would see himself as You see him. Give him the ability to walk by faith and not by sight. Let him believe You and Your words and walk in Your power. Make him a wise master builder. Let him be fully persuaded in Your calling and favor on his life. Let wisdom and favor be his portion. Open doors and opportunities for him to advance Your kingdom. Bless him, and make him a blessing to this generation. Anoint him to do everything You’ve created him to do. Lord, when You called him, You also downloaded in him everything he needs to succeed. You enabled him to walk in his calling and become the man of God You created him to be.

Walking With Your Abraham

As you are walking with your Abraham, he will have stages in his growth process. At first, Abraham was selfish, fearful and insecure, and he didn’t know where he was going. He was all of those things, but Sarah still called him lord. She had vision for their union, so she was able to see what God was doing in her husband.

Abraham was given a vision too, but it seems as if Sarah had an awakening about it before Abraham did. So when Abraham was getting off track, Sarah had to keep reminding him. And even though both Abraham and Sarah had the vision, I think they both had an incorrect interpretation of it at one point. You can have the heavenly vision, but an incorrect interpretation means you may apply it incorrectly, which could lead to an incorrect manifestation. That is what was happening when Abraham and Sarah decided to use a surrogate.

Another important aspect of the renewal process as you are walking together with your Abraham is to break demonic covenants. When Abraham got Sarah to agree to say she was his sister instead of his wife, it was a demonic covenant that opened them up to all types of unnecessary attacks. They made an unholy, ungodly alliance, and God had to intervene to get them out of it. While it is true that God worked it all out for their good, they never should have made a vow that was potentially detrimental to their marriage in the first place. Sarah could have had to sleep with another man. She could have been killed. They should have trusted God.

Later on, when Sarah and Abraham decided to use Hagar as a surrogate, it was another example of a time they should have trusted God instead of agreeing to do things their own way. Yes, they were supposed to have a son. They were right about that. But Hagar was the wrong woman. They were trying to fulfill the promise outside of the covenant.

If you and your Abraham have made any kind of demonic vows or covenants, you need to identify them and renounce them, even if they were made in ignorance. It is part of the renewal and growth process. You need to acknowledge that you were wrong, you made a mistake and you can’t operate like that anymore. As believers, you have been called to righteousness. You have been called to walk in the Spirit, not in the flesh. God wants you to be fully representing kingdom principles. As a couple, you need to fall out of agreement and renounce anything that has hindered you from going the right way and from walking in the purpose of God for your marriage.

God wants you to walk in the fullness of what He has for you. Sometimes you can get fooled into thinking you have the anointing of God or God’s favor because you are flourishing, but that may not necessarily be the case. If you don’t have the peace of God, you are not where God wants you to be. God is very strategic. He knows the end from the beginning. So don’t be deceived—you need to do it His way. You need to walk in righteousness with your Abraham.

Praying for Your Abraham

Praying for your Abraham is part of the Sarah anointing. Your prayers are powerful, and when women pray for their husbands it has a tremendous effect on both their husbands and the women themselves. When you find the one you are supposed to be walking with, you see things that God will never allow other people to see. That allows you to pray all the more effectively for your husband.

Pray for his deliverance. Pray that he will be delivered from his fears. I believe Abraham was fearful more than anything else. Pray for him to be delivered from anything that will stop him from fulfilling his destiny.

Pray for his healing, his self-image, his finances, his vision, his work, his mind, his protection, his integrity and his faith. Pray for every part of him. And pray for his marriage and his wife. The two of you together make a power couple, but you need to be walking together in faith, love, hope, unity and humility.

Pray over him, “Give my husband fresh vision and insight into Your plans for his life. Fill him with the knowledge of Your will in wisdom and spiritual understanding. Let him be a man of righteousness and truth. Give him dreams and visions that would lead him by Your Spirit. Redeem his time, and restore the years the locusts have eaten. Give Him vision and a plan for the future. Give him health and strength to finish the work You’ve assigned to his hand.”

Michelle McClain-Walters is a bestselling author, renowned apostolic leader and coach to women around the globe. She and her husband, Dr. Floyd Walters Jr., lead Overflow International Life Center in Orlando, Florida.

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