Morning Rundown: The 100-Million-Dollar Reason Joel Osteen Was in Tears Last Sunday

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The 100-Million-Dollar Reason Joel Osteen Was in Tears Last Sunday

In a shocking announcement to the congregation, Pastor Joel Osteen, the leader of Lakewood Church, shared the joyous news that the church has successfully paid off a $100 million loan that had been a part of their financial journey for two decades.

The financial revelation took place during a Sunday service, with Osteen in tears several times as he expressed his gratitude to the faithful members whose giving made this significant achievement possible. Standing beside his wife, Victoria, Osteen reflected on the journey of the church, particularly how they acquired the former sports arena, the Compaq Center, and transformed it into a thriving hub accommodating over 45,000 people.

“I look back over these 19 years, and there have been great years. I mean, Lakewood has been a lighthouse to the whole world,” Osteen shared. He reminisced about the challenges faced when they acquired the facility, initially a basketball arena, and the subsequent need for extensive renovations to cater to the diverse requirements of a church.

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Should a Christian Actor Participate in a Nude Love Scene?

An article by Kelsey Dallas in the Deseret News asks, “Can you be a Christian and play a sinful character on TV?”

Dallas then notes that “Alan Ritchson, the star of ‘Reacher,’ says you certainly can, and he’s unhappy with ‘supposed Christians’ who have a problem with him taking on a ‘morally ambiguous’ role.”

The article was triggered by a video by Ritchson, the hulking strong man who plays Jack Reacher in a new online TV series.

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Lil Nas X Addresses Backlash Following Blasphemous Videos

Music artist Lil Nas X is addressing the backlash he’s received since posting his blasphemous videos part of his “Christian era.”

With over 9.5 million views on YouTube, Nas’ video for ‘J Christ’ has swamped the internet with the vulgar-laden depictions of himself as Jesus.

In the ‘J Christ’ video, Nas takes viewers through many different settings, including the gateway to heaven, the bowels of hell, a fight between the heavenly and demonic realms, the crucifixion and a modern-day depiction of Noah’s ark during the flood.

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