Morning Rundown: Megachurch Pastor Condemns Mark Driscoll’s ‘Demonic Behavior,’ Apologizes for Inviting Sword-Swallower to Conference

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Megachurch Pastor Condemns Mark Driscoll’s ‘Demonic Behavior,’ Apologizes for Inviting Sword-Swallower to Conference

John Lindell took time during his sermon Sunday to “apologize” for inviting both Driscoll and Magala to the Stronger Men’s Conference, which took place in mid-April.

“I want to apologize and let you know I take full responsibility for the decision that was made to invite Mark Driscoll and Alex Magala to the Stronger Men’s Conference,” he said, according to The Roys Report. “I am deeply saddened by the division that our invitation has brought to the Body of Christ. That was never our intent.”

The pastor added, “The Stronger Men’s Conference is about reaching men for Jesus Christ, and it will continue to be about reaching men for Jesus Christ.”

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Remembering Mandisa: A Life of Faith, Struggle and Victory

The recent passing of Mandisa Hundley, known to many as simply Mandisa, has left a hurt in the hearts of family, friends and fans worldwide. As authorities continue their investigation into her unexpected death, the focus remains on celebrating her remarkable life—a life marked by faith, resilience and triumph.

To date, the Franklin, Tennessee, Police Department has ruled out any “suspicious or criminal activity.”

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Jonathan Cahn Prophecy: Israel, Iran and the End Times

There’s something much greater and deeper to the Iranian attack on Israel than meets the eye.

While news outlets can only provide the basic facts and propose diplomatic solutions, Rabbi and prophetic voice Jonathan Cahn says that what happened with the Iranian attack is actually a spiritual battle and the beginning of the fulfillment of end times prophecy.

Looking at Ezekiel 38, which discusses an invasion of Israel, Cahn says there are specific details mentioned in this Scripture that are key to what we are seeing today.

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