How Red Flags Forever Changed Amsterdam’s Red Light District

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Dr. Arleen Westerhof

Sometimes impact and tipping-point moments come disguised as opportunities to obey God even when what He’s asking us to do looks totally ridiculous!

When God called my husband and I to pioneer our Apostolic Center in Amsterdam (God’s Embassy Amsterdam) He didn’t just say “Start a church.” He said, “Go and take the city in My name.”

However, nothing went as we expected. In desperation we started to pray in tongues and wage warfare in the Spirit. As we prayed, the Lord showed us that the Red Light District was strategic. He said, “When the Red Light District falls for Me, then Amsterdam and the rest of the Netherlands will fall for Me.”

Within the first few months of our praying, my husband started to get a recurring vision of men standing two-by-two holding large red flags at the corners of the 12 roads leading into the Red Light District. The flags symbolized the blood of Jesus Christ able to cleanse the area from all of the sin going on there.

We knew we had to act. We initially thought that we would use the Jericho strategy of circling the area on six different days and then shouting the walls down on the seventh. However, after the seventh time the Lord said, “What are you doing? I didn’t tell you to stop. Keep going until I say ‘stop.'”

Back then, we had no way of knowing that this would mean that we would be out on the streets in the Red Light District on Friday nights with the flags for eight years! By the time we were done, the Red Light District had changed so much that a highly respected national newspaper reported that “this change would have been unthinkable five years earlier!”

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Dr. Arleen Westerhof is an author and international speaker. Together with her husband, Dick, she co-leads God’s Embassy Amsterdam, a cutting-edge Apostolic Center. She leads the Netherlands Prophetic Council and co-leads the European Prophetic Council. She is also the founder and executive director of the Economic Summit. Her passion is using prophecy to see transformation come in people’s lives and in each of the seven mountains of society.

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