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The Night Satan Showed Up at the Grammys

I wasn’t watching the Grammy Awards last Sunday night, but I couldn’t help but hear all the fuss about the controversial performance by artists Sam Smith and Kim Petros. Some people seemed surprised that their song “Unholy”—which is about a husband who cheats on his wife—won a Grammy for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance.

It’s no shock that a song about immoral sex won an award. (Anyone familiar with rock ‘n’ roll or hip hop knows this.) But Smith and Petros pushed the current limits of decency when they turned their song into what looked like a Satanic ritual. Bathed in red light, Smith wore a hat with goat horns while half-nude women writhed around him. The performance also featured women in cages with whips, while real flames made the stage look like hell itself.

It’s almost as if someone thought it would be a good idea to spend millions of dollars to record a worship anthem to the devil.

4 Tips to Fix Your Christian Marriage Problems

Christian married couples, like everyone else in the world, can have their ups and downs. The pressures at work, home and family can mount a pile so high you barely see your spouse on the other side. God created marriage and He longs for you to have a healthy, thriving marriage that produces much fruit.

With that in mind, Charisma magazine sat down with marriage coaches Stephen and Jenny Weaver to hear some tips on keeping a marriage fun, fresh and filled with God.

For us there is no better way than to be living for Jesus,” Stephen says.

Security Camera Catches Miraculous Moment on Video

An apartment security camera caught a miraculous moment on video when a maintenance man entered an apartment and fell to the ground giving God praise because of what he saw when he entered the door.

Yasmyn Crespo was sitting at work when a notification popped up on her phone alerting her that someone had entered her home. “I checked the living room camera and once I did what you see in the video was happening live. It blessed me, it blessed all of my coworkers. We were just in shock. Those who weren’t believers felt the Spirit of God moving,” she said in a Charisma magazine interview.

In the video which has since been posted to TikTok and has garnered over 2.6 million views, the man notices a Bible verse of the day written on the wall. Crespo says she normally changes the verse each morning for a new day, but on that particular morning, the Holy Spirit stopped her in her tracks.

Discerning False Prophets and Delusions With Mario Murillo

My longtime friend Mario Murillo is providing a critical role in the body of Christ in speaking up against the wolves in sheep clothing. Matthew Henry said, “A traitor inside the camp is more dangerous than 1,000 persecutors outside the camp.”

Christians want to be nice. Christianity is all about love and the gifts of the Spirit, but there is a biblical reality in speaking the truth in love. There are clear warnings in the Bible that there will be wolves in sheep’s clothing hiding among us.

Sometimes it’s a false prophet leading multitudes astray, other times it’s an honorable man or woman of God who just got a prophetic word wrong.

The Lord Says, ‘Don’t Speak Words of Self-Sabotage’

One of the most important things a Christian can learn is that our God is a God who speaks. He wants us to know we can hear His voice. Prophecy is the basis for an on-going relationship with God. It deepens our walk and releases God’s power in the earth.

Here is a portion of the revelation that poured through this prophetic portal in yesterday’s [Sunday, Jan. 29] Celebration service. My prayer is that as you meditate on these words, the Holy Spirit will unlock layers of meaning that reveal His plans for your new journey.

“This is the beginning of a new journey for you. You will start journeying, and you will meet Me in a new way. Even if you choose to go your way, you will be on this new journey.”

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