Are You Living Dangerously in 2023? Here’s What It Means

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Sean Feucht

We were welcomed to Idaho by a scathing editorial from this paper’s editorial board titled, “Keep your religion out of our government. Dangerous activists coming to Idaho Capitol.”

I don’t begrudge the Statesman for what they wrote—they are well within their Constitutional right. We both exercised our rights under the same amendment. What they wrote is not so much a critique of the Let Us Worship Movement as it was a shameless plug for the LGBTQ agenda. To stand on the Bible is dangerous in the year 2023, especially when that truth conflicts with the LGTBQ agenda.

Of course, it is easy to find “faith leaders” willing to sign their name to a letter denouncing Let Us Worship. But those very same faith leaders echoed a chorus of avowed Satanists, which makes me wonder which group should examine their beliefs. Simply put, to stand for the truthof the gospel is dangerous. Fear not, for it is Truth—and only the truth—that sets us free.

The Let Us Worship movement started as a response to an injustice I witnessed firsthand in my home state of California during the early stages of the Covid pandemic. Had churches in California been afforded the rights to gather, the same rights that strip clubs and bars never lost, we probably wouldn’t be here today. But the government telling Believers to stay home, while strippers and bartenders could go to work, was the final straw. This birthed a movement that continues today.

By simply obeying God’s prompting, what started as a one-day worship revival became the Let Us Worship movement, with hundreds of revivals and hundreds of thousands of lives (likely millions) transformed by encountering God. We don’t know the full outcome yet of the Let Us Worship movement (and maybe wont know until we reach the other side) but we know God is not finished yet. The injustice we encountered prompted us to take action.

America needs revival because the status quo isn’t working. Historic revivals have shaped our nation in the past—the 1st and 2nd Great Awakenings, Azusa Street, Jesus People Movement—is critical to our nation’s future. We need a powerful move of God to sweep our nation once again. In our travels across the globe, we’ve seen, felt and experienced urgency and desperation. Why?

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Because brokenness is rampant in our society. Kids are gripped by anxiety, marriages are failing at record rates, drug addiction claims lives in all areas of society, and it’s only getting worse. In America, there is no shortage of hurt and not enough evidence of healing. We see people healed and restored all the time, and we want to point people to the only One who heals and restores.

And we’ve watched God set people free in Idaho and all across America. God has freed addicts from the grip of addiction. God has freed the hopeless from suicidal ideations. And God has freed the confused from the grips of gender dysphoria. God has healed marriages, sicknesses, and relationships, and the tangible evidence of His power is dangerous to a fallen world.

Like it or not, there is a battle of good versus evil being waged in the seen and unseen realms, and we must pick a side. The hour we live in demands we choose a side. We’ve had governments threaten us, Antifa assault us, Satanist pour blood all over us, vendors boycott us—and after this weekend, we’ve watched “faith leaders” join Satanists to denounce us.

But we’ve seen God move. He’s healed, restored, strengthened, and brought peace, joy, and comfort. He is the one who is worthy of praise, and we refuse to bow the knee to anything or anyone but Him.

It’s time to join a bold movement of Christ-followers in their quest to witness the greatest revival break out in our nation at the most urgent hour.

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Sean Feucht is a speaker, author, missionary, artist, activist and the founder of multiple worldwide movements including Let Us Worship, which has gathered believers across America to worship and pray for revival.

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