Three Biblical Points of Suspense Leading to the Messiah

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Abby Trivett

Everything that we see happening around us in the world today, is the build up of a suspense to something greater.

From Genesis through Revelation, every single biblical story and prophecy, fulfilled and unfulfilled, shows an incline, a build up to something greater, with the ultimate fulfillment of God’s eternal covenant with His people forever.

In a recent message, Amir Tsarfati described how this global suspense has been building since the very beginning of time, and that it speaks to the permanent reunification of God with His people. Through these signs, we can be aware of what has already been done, and where we are headed as we lean in toward the ultimate conclusion, the return of the Messiah to His people.

  • There was a suspense between God and Satan.

Before the creation of the world, there was a suspense surrounding God and Satan with a prophetic implication of how Satan would end.

“It started with Satan, in Genesis chapter three,” Tsarfati said. “Because the first ever Bible prophecy given to anyone was actually to him about him.”

In Genesis 3:14-15 God tells Satan as the serpent that he would have a cursed life and that he would be made an enemy with the offspring of the woman and that He, meaning Jesus, would trample upon Satan, bruising him forever. It is this one seed, Christ, who would come and make all nations blessed. It is through Jesus that Satan would forever be defeated.

  • There was a suspense when God called Abraham.

When God promised Abraham that He would turn Him into a great nation, suspense was building up because it was through Abraham that Israel would come about, and through Israel, Jesus. However, God would do this through a supernatural, miraculous way.

God decided to being His nation through the most peculiar way possible—by giving a child to Abraham at 100 years old, and his wife, Sarah, at 90. God could have made them parents much earlier, but by giving them the promised child when He did, He was showing that He was the Lord, and that for Him nothing is impossible. It was from this miraculous lineage that the Messiah would come.

“After Isaac comes Jacob, and from Jacob comes the nation of Israel,” Tsarfati said. “And now there is that same suspense, that same suspense regarding that seed…that is going to come and do what? And crush the head of Satan.”

  • The nation of Israel awaited in suspense for their Messiah.

It is impossible to see the Jewish people as unconnected to Christ. It is through the Jewish people that God promised and delivered His very own Son. It is the children of Israel that are His chosen people, and it is Jesus Christ that all of the Scriptures cling to.

“Messiah and Israel are one. He had to come from them,” Tsarfati said. “He had to come to them, He will return for them. All of that is together, this whole nation, was the way for God to bring Him to the world.”

As we look at these three points of biblical suspense we can see that God has been writing a beautiful even if strange story of a people who He would use for the purpose of bringing a savior that could defeat darkness for all eternity.

Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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