There Will Be ‘Blood Moon Purim Eclipses’ for 3 Years in a Row in 2024, 2025 and 2026

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Michael Snyder

Is it just a coincidence that blood moon eclipses are occurring on Purim for three years in a row just as a great war erupts in the Middle East?

Yesterday, one of my readers wrote to me and pointed out a video where someone was talking about this. I had previously written about the blood moon eclipse that happened during the second day of Purim on March 25 of this year, but I had not heard that there would be blood moon eclipses on Purim in 2025 and 2026 too. So I started to do some research to confirm whether this is true or not.

I did a Google search for Purim in 2025, and this is what I found: “Purim in 2025 is on Friday, March 14. Purim is always celebrated for 2 days, so it will continue till March 15.”

So then I went to Wikipedia and discovered that there will be a lunar eclipse on March 14, 2025: “A total lunar eclipse will take place on Friday, March 14, 2025, the first of two total lunar eclipses in 2025. The Moon will take place near apogee during this eclipse, making it appear smaller than usual.”

This blood moon eclipse will happen on the first day of Purim next year, and it will be visible from Jerusalem.

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Having confirmed that there will be a “blood moon Purim eclipse” in 2025, I asked Google when Purim would be in 2026.

According to, the first day of Purim in 2026 begins at sundown on March 2, and it ends at sundown on March 3: “Purim for Hebrew Year 5786 begins at sundown on Monday, 2 March 2026 and ends at nightfall on Tuesday, 3 March 2026.”

And according to Wikipedia, there will be a lunar eclipse on March 3, 2026: “A total lunar eclipse will take place on Tuesday, March 3, 2026, the first of two lunar eclipses in 2026.”

This blood moon Purim eclipse will complete the set.

As far as I know, we have never seen something like this happen for three years in a row.

So what does all of this mean? I don’t know. But I will give you some of my thoughts.

In the book of Esther, we read about the origins of Purim. The enemies of Israel thought that they were finally going to defeat the Jewish people, but in the end the Jewish people got the upper hand on their enemies. A similar scenario is playing out today.

Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and other Iranian-backed groups in the region have been preparing for war with Israel for years. Collectively, their forces greatly outnumber Israeli forces. And they possess vast numbers of missiles. In fact, Hezbollah alone has an arsenal of at least 150,000 highly sophisticated missiles ready to fire at Israel.

Yes, Israel has the Iron Dome, but that system can only handle a limited number of targets at a time. If thousands of missiles start raining down on Israeli cities all at once, Israel will be overwhelmed.

Right now, the world is waiting to see how Iran will respond to Israel’s stunning airstrike on Damascus on Monday.

Iran’s supreme leader has told the world that Israel “will be punished by our brave men.

Several of Iran’s most powerful officials, including “supreme leader” Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, vowed revenge against Israel following an airstrike in Damascus, Syria, on Monday that eliminated a senior Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) leader.

“The evil regime will be punished by our brave men. We will make them regret this crime and other ones, by God’s will,” Khamenei proclaimed, according to the Iranian state-run PressTV propaganda network on Tuesday. Khamenei referred to Israel as “usurping and despicable.”

That makes it sound like Iran will take revenge directly instead of relying on proxies to do its dirty work this time.

Hezbollah is also warning that there will be “punishment and revenge“: “‘This crime will certainly not pass without the enemy receiving punishment and revenge,’ Hezbollah said in a statement.”

We shall see what happens.

If the response is too severe, it could set in motion a chain of events that nobody will be able to control.

Already, one expert is warning that we have reached a point of “all-out war between Israel and the resistance axis“: “Meanwhile, Bassam Abu Abdallah, who heads the Damascus Centre for Strategic Research and is close to the Syrian government, said that before Monday ‘there were rules of engagement, but now it’s an all-out war between Israel and the resistance axis.'”

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The course of this war was fundamentally altered this week, and it would be difficult to overstate the anger that we are witnessing in the Islamic world at this moment.

On Tuesday, there were enormous flag-burning protests all over the Middle East:

Huge American flag-burning protests have erupted across the Middle East as Iranian protesters gather to condemn the Israeli airstrike against Iran’s consulate in Syria on Monday.

Photos and videos show large groups of protesters shouting anti-Israeli and anti-US slogans in Tehran while burning US and Israeli flags in a show of frustration and anger.

At some point in the coming months, I believe that a breaking point will come.

If the combined forces of Iran, Syria and Hezbollah start pouring toward northern Israel and if thousands of missiles start raising down on Israeli cities, the government of Israel will almost certainly respond with overwhelming force.

We are talking about an apocalyptic scenario that nobody wants to see. And right now we are just one step away from such a conflict.

When all-out war erupts in the Middle East, we are all going to be deeply affected. The price of oil will go absolutely nuts, and massive unrest will flare up in large cities all over the globe.

We should pray for peace, but I don’t see any way that an apocalyptic Middle East war is going to be avoided at this point.

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