Morning Rundown: Gen Z Evangelist: How Do You Know When It’s Genuine Revival?

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Gen Z Evangelist: How Do You Know When It’s Genuine Revival?

Pastor Nik Walker is a traveling evangelist, and at the age of 25, he’s been involved in many extended revivals during his short time in ministry.

But when it comes to extended revivals, Walker says, kingdom leaders must listen to the voice of God to know exactly when to end them. What’s the cutoff point? When is it enough?

That, Walker says, is always a challenge, but it has a lot to do with repentance, but also with how long the church itself is prepared to keep the revival moving forward.

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From Laughter to Devotion: Bill Engvall’s Deepening Faith Journey

Picking up his cross and following Jesus, renowned comedian Bill Engvall has announced his final comedy special, “Here Is Your Sign It’s Finally Time: My Last Show,” will be released this winter on Dec. 5.

Engvall gained immense fame as part of the four-man “Blue Collar Comedy Tour” that took the country by storm from 2000-2006. Joining him on the stage were the titans of rural comedy: Jeff Foxworthy, Ron White and Larry the Cable Guy.

But comedy has changed a lot since Engvall was at its peak. Now, cancel culture routinely attacks those who are found to be “offensive,” and Engvall believes that has no place at a comedy show.

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Jewish Man’s Death Prompts Hate-Crime Investigation

An elderly Jewish man was killed in California while taking part in a pro-Israel rally.

The 69-year-old Paul Kessler is seen waving an Israeli flag on the sidewalk from photos taken at the event.

Law enforcement report that they have received calls of an assault taking place at the rally when an altercation broke out between Kessler and an unnamed pro-Palestinian counter-protester.

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