Holy Spirit Continues to Overflow in Small Kansas Town With Miracles and Wonders

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The Coffeyville (Kansas) Revival is spreading throughout Coffeyville and the vicinity, including towns in northern Oklahoma. At the recent ministers’ meeting in Nowata, Oklahoma, where about 30 ministers came from the entire region, there was a tremendously increased hunger and thirst for revival.

We broke out in speaking in tongues throughout the sanctuary of New Life Church, pastored by Rev. Jim Price, where we met. Additionally, numerous pastors in Bartlesville, Oklahoma and Caney, Kansas, which is in the greater Coffeyville region, are being driven by the Holy Spirit to worship together with increased manifestations of the Spirit in their churches.

The Holy Spirit is overflowing. This is multiracial, one of the telltale signs that revival has broken out, which is also gripping the First Church of God in Christ of Coffeyville, pastored by Dr. Melvin Simpson, who is a bishop and a superintended of COGIC churches in eastern Kansas.

Recently, on a Sunday morning, the Holy Spirit was poured out upon him and his congregation, with Black and white ministers, who had all spoken, sitting together on the platform. Saints there were wailing, shouting, speaking in tongues and manifesting other gifts of the Spirit, and being touched by the Holy Spirit in significant ways, as Dr. Simpson gave a rousing message from the heart of God to a multiracial congregation.

I saw this revival in Coffeyville and the surrounding region in a prophetic dream in 1964 when I was 17 years of age, living in Dayton, Ohio. One of 16 children, I grew up in Hazard, Kentucky, working in the coal mines that were no more than four feet in height. We could not stand up. It was pitch-black and scary. I remember bending over and scaping the skin off my back while trying to get coal out of the mine.

We lived in a coal camp and had no money. My father was paid in script by the owner of the coal camp store, who also served as the preacher, teacher, state representative and the postmaster. At age 17, I moved to Dayton, Ohio, to live with an older sister and some of my brothers to find more work. Life was rough, and we were dirt poor. But it was in this context that the Holy Spirit began revealing Himself in the prophetic realm with dreams and visions. I was not even saved when this began happening.

One night I had a vision of the end-time harvest. In this vision, I was walking through a field of wheat as far as the eye could see. It looked like solid gold, and the wheat was all ready to be harvested. The tassels were blowing in the wind, and they were almost as high as my chest. I looked around. The sky was pure blue. But suddenly a cloud appeared, and on this cloud stood three men dressed in white. All three men raised their hands and waved for me to come up to where they were. And I started going up as if I was in a grain elevator. At that moment, I woke up, terribly scared. I had no idea what it was about.

I began to realize years later, after becoming a Christian, what this vision meant. In 1993, 29 years later, Chyrel and I moved to South Coffeyville, Oklahoma, to pastor Emmanuel Chapel until 2000. The church was full, and the Holy Spirit was moving significantly there. But I was not connecting the vision with the pastorate there or revival in this area. However, we were called back as pastors in 2016 when the Lord put the vision of the harvest in my spirit so strongly. We were praying about the vision of the harvest. The Lord answered the prayer and put into my spirit instructions to call all 60 pastors together in Coffeyville and South Coffeyville to bring the vision of the harvest to them that the Holy Spirit gave me in 1964. The Lord told me that until I do something, nothing will happen.

Out of that meeting, many of us pastors began seeking more of God, and the Coffeyville Outpouring broke out. This was comprised of outbreaks of revival at various churches, independently of each other, and as manifested in joint service, among all races. And really, this is part of a worldwide harvest that is occurring even now. The body of Christ needs a fresh new vision of the harvest. And this is happening in Coffeyville and spreading throughout this region.

One of many testimonies came from one woman, who said, “I was healed around June 2021. Changed my life completely. No meds now! Lost 80 plus pounds, get around easy now. Sleeping at nights. Got rid of disabilities. God is awesome! God is present in my life. I’m not the only one that’s been touched. Revival is here!”

This vision has never left me through all these years. I am 74 years old now, and it is more plain and powerful to me now than ever, as I know we are in the end-time harvest. Jesus said in Matthew 28:19 (KJV), “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.” Our marching orders are to go forth! {eoa}

James Feltner and his wife, Chyrel, are the pastors of Emmanuel Chapel in South Coffeyville, Oklahoma, and are authors of Divine God Encounters. They are church planters and have pastored for 31 years in the South and Midwest.

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