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5 New World Economic Forum Systems to Be Implemented: Tom Hughes Prophecy Update

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James Lasher

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With the World Economic Forum in Davos kicking off Jan. 16, 2023, there is much trepidation about what the outcome will be and what is in store for the citizens of the world.

The non-elected bureaucrats of the WEF hold an incredible amount of influence over world leaders, and Tom Hughes is shedding light on some of the key changes they are hoping to institute in how the world works.

Here are the five areas that Hughes believes will have the greatest impact to bring about the WEF goal of a world government and how they line up with what the Bible says:

A New System to Deal with Food and Energy Crises

“I believe it’s the food crisis that they created,” Hughes starts off, “Why is this of interest…Jesus warned us that in the last days what would happen. There’d be famines in various places, we know that also from Revelation chapter 6, this is just one of the signs for what is coming.”

With the war in Ukraine affecting fertilizer shipments across the world, historic droughts impacting farmers and regulations in places like California that hurt production of commodities such as eggs, much of the hurt felt by this crises is caused by human action.

A New System to Deal with High Inflation, Low Growth and a Bad Economy

A necessary key for a potential global government to assume authority on the earth would be to have a collective currency used by all members. And what easier way to control people’s funds and money than utilizing a digital currency controlled by the Central Bank, according to Hughes.

“We hear all this talk about bringing in this CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency), we saw what happened with FTX…it’s just a matter of time [until] these governments [are] going to go after Bitcoin,” Hughes warns.

Why? So that there is control over the central currency that Hughes believes will lead to the mark of the beast and the control of global economies.

“We know this from Revelation chapter 13, where no one can buy or sell unless they receive the mark of the beast and worship his image or the image of the Antichrist,” Hughes warns.

A New System Based on the Use of Technology

So how will a global government be able to enforce such a widespread law that would prevent sales to those without the mark of the beast? A global network and databases will store all the necessary information to check and scan those trying to purchase goods and services.

“Again, the technology of Revelation chapter 13, the Mark of the Beast, it’s got to be there. Where the databases are there, the controlling system, everybody’s got to be in a database,” Hughes says. “Hence, you have digital currencies.”

With increased control over the citizenry, it becomes easier to implement changes such as a digital currency and databases to control who can or cannot buy food, clothing and services.

A New System to Deal with Social Issues

Hughes highlights the path the state of California has already taken when it comes to new laws dealing with social issues: becoming a sanctuary state for transgender children and decriminalizing a host of current offenses.

All to gaslight people into becoming upset and causing civil unrest, which could potentially lead to a crackdown of freedoms and expand government authority over the citizenry.

Civil unrest also opens the door to a Chinese government-like social credit system in which if you do not go along with what society considers acceptable (LGBTQ agenda, climate alarmism, transgender ideology, CRT, etc.) you can be removed from being able to interact with said society.

A New System to Deal with the Multipolar World

“What kind of system is that? Well, basically it’s this global system that they’re developing,” Hughes claims. “All of these things you can support with the Bible…Jesus talked about these things; Revelation tells us these things were going to come; You can read about these in the Old Testament; You can read them in the New Testament and this global system too, well they call it a ‘multipolar world.'”

Hughes brings these schemes to light so that Christians are not surprised by them. The Bible tells how things of the world are going to erode: freedoms; prosperity; blessings and much more will be removed as God prepares for the judgements found within the book of Revelation.

As Satan tries to gain control and authority over those living on the Earth, Christians can take heart in the knowledge that Jesus is the ultimate control and authority in these uncertain times. True freedom comes in a relationship with Christ, and the enemy has no way of taking the light of salvation from steadfast believers. {eoa}

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.




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