Should Spirit-Led Prophecy Bring Reproof and Correction?

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Adam Narciso

Many today teach that prophecy is never to be used to bring reproof or correction. But Pastor Chris Hippe’s Freedom Prayer teams are actively employing revelatory gifts to expose spiritual strongholds and restore people to their original design. This ministry believes it’s God’s mercy to expose darkness in our lives, and they see prophetic revelation as a powerful tool to that end.

“Prophecy is a liberator tool,” Hippe says.

For Hippe, when God prophetically highlights sin, spiritual strongholds or unhealed pain in our lives, it’s always because he seeks to bring freedom and healing to those areas.

In a recent interview on the Jesus Movement Now with Adam Narciso on the Charisma Podcast Network, Hippe shared a story of a married couple who attended his recent Freedom Immersion equipping seminar in Tacoma, Washington. While ministering to the husband, the Freedom Prayer team shared the words of knowledge and discernment sense they had received for him and asked if he could identify with what they shared.

He wasn’t able to personally connect with the data until his wife chimed in. “What are you talking about? We were just discussing these things in the car right before we came in today!” she exclaimed.

Commenting on that story, Hippe reflects, “Sometimes we are the last ones to the table to actually understand how clear and accurate the prophetic is, and we need people around us, who love Jesus and love us, to help interpret and apply the data.”

Hippe sees Freedom Prayer as a dynamic partnership between God, the prayer team and the individual receiving ministry. He also carries a helpful philosophy that keeps him free of striving and presumption in these ministry times, “We have to be good with allowing the Holy Spirit to do what He wants in His time. [If] He is the originator [of the word], He’s the one who will translate and bring it to application in their life—and we are just partnering with Him.”

Importantly, Hippe also noted, “People receive words differently.”

Hippe says there are often three types of people who receive freedom ministry. The first type is deeply self-aware and can easily connect with every whisper of the Spirit. This type can almost always quickly receive words from a team. The second type are ruminators. These are individuals who can immediately receive at one level but will then need to mull over, process with God and seek out godly counsel in order to connect with the word at a deeper level. Finally, there are some people who simply need extra time and space before being able to connect with a word.

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