Shawn Bolz Prophesies: God Is Serving Notice to the Demonic Powers Over the Entertainment Industry

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Shawn Bolz

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God is serving the demonic powers over the entertainment industry notice that He is about to release a move through film, TV, fashion and music.

This isn’t just a word for entertainers but it’s for all of us because some of the cultural transference of God’s very nature is going to happen for your kids, grandkids, co-workers and employees because they saw a story of what family is like, they heard a song that changed their heart, they saw an athlete or coach give a speech that inspired integrity.

There is going to be a transfer of power from entertainment companies, celebrities and the business of entertainment to bring impact and power through kingdom minded believers and people who have goodness in their nature.

God will put His blessing on projects in music, fashion, film, TV, video games, sports and all forms of entertainment where He can get the glory. The projects that will be blessed will seem to come out of left field to the mainstream media who usually only promote a narrative that if it isn’t woke or if it’s not extremely left politically, then it’s not worthy and should even be canceled. The good news is there are some “David’s” that are out in the field doing real work that God is about to raise up to defeat “giants” in the box office, “lions” in the fashion world and “bears” in the music industry.

Just like we have seen “The Chosen” rise up and subvert the normal channels of mainstream media and Hollywood, that is an example and template of how God is going to raise up projects and people that will come in a backdoor to do front room work in the industry.

There is a transfer of wealth and power from organizations that God is allowing to be exposed so the hidden activities can be seen. The power and wealth, the influence and relationships that they held onto are going to be given to people that are worthy to hold these as offices of a God assignment to do something that is needed right now on the Earth.

Mainstream entertainment industry workers and celebrities are going to find themselves wanting to work with new streaming services, new production houses and even some of the new divisions that will open up at Amazon, Netflix and in the music industry. Some major companies will keep their doors closed and will mock what is happening. But the power of wealth and influence from kingdom-minded believers and people who show love well to a culture that is crying out for fathers, family and influence that can not be bought or sold, will be clearly represented by these groups.

God is going to give the theme of the supernatural to many Christians who will make projects about life and death, the end times, angels and demons, the potential of life on other planets and more in mainstream ways.

God is giving the power of love songs over to people who have been in true, pure love and we are going to see unlikely songwriters and singers getting honored.

God is giving fashion and creativity over to people who are going to brand and mark their clothes with messages of kingdom identity.

God is releasing a wave of creators in the entertainment industry. They will not be “swimming upstream” but God is releasing a river of His presence in the middle of it all and it will cause them to flow and not to be dammed up but to be released in ways we haven’t seen before.

There are new projects that will use both traditional and non traditional avenues to emerge in a time when Jesus needs to be seen and heard. This will happen just like the movie, “The Passion” became one of the highest grossing movies in history and subverted popular companies and culture to become a household name and was marketed by the presence of God. And this will happen just like one of the most powerful series of the year, “The Chosen” was created and released by the ingenuity of Christian believers connected to God.

We will also see a move of Christians in the entertainment industry that are extremely liberal get awakened to family, marriage and the love of God. This will change an internal operating system that has been conditioned by an agenda and it will be so easy to see through this agenda. We will see people set free from ideas that have made people popular in popular culture. Like Matthew the tax collector, like Saul the religious leader, like Mary the prostitute we will see leaders and voices emerging from those that used to look like enemies of the faith.

God is doing it! I want to encourage you to pray for celebrities that you are offended with. Pray for companies that are making terrible choices in corruption. Pray for industries that you have no peace with. When you hear one more news story, beat it into a weapon in the hands of prayer so that you can target people with specific prayers for their salvation, for God’s grace to surround them with His heart and voices that only He could bring into their lives.

Shawn Bolz is a TV and podcast host, an author, producer and a Christian minister. He has been leading conversations in the church, entertainment industry and in social justice that have helped believers connect their faith to culture in a transformative way. Shawn’s deeply connected yet humorous style of speaking, media hosting & coaching through his unique expert perspective has brought him around the world to meet with churches, CEO’s, entertainers and world leaders. His areas of passion include: developing Christianity that brings transformation, the intersection of Christianity and popular culture, business from a faith perspective, social justice through faith and hearing God’s voice with a focus on restoring dignity to Biblical based prophetic ministry. Tune into the Shawn Bolz Show with Shawn Bolz on the Charisma Podcast Network.

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