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Prophetic Vision: Three Tables Are Set

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Alane Haynes

Recently as I was worshipping the Lord, I went into a vision where I could see I was in a dark and very deep valley. It was nighttime, and the valley was surrounded by tall mountains.

On the top of each I could see the outlines of men and instinctively knew they were enemies. Then I was above all of it and saw that I was actually seated at a table covered in a cloud of golden glory—it was glowing and luminous in the midst of the darkness. As I peered into the glory, I saw that the table was furnished with a lush and extravagant setting of the finest quality and filled with abundance of delights.

I heard by the Spirit, “The table is set,” and as I sought the Lord and examined the scriptures, Holy Spirit spoke to me that there are three tables set, and all have to do with overcoming our enemies.

There is application on many levels—personal both internal, external and corporate—as well as in dealing with things happening on a national and international level in the world. The Lord impressed upon me that it is imperative that we ensure we are eating from tables of Truth, and not the tables of deception the enemy brings. I heard, “When we eat from the tables of deception, we move out from the place of protection.”

The three tables are:

1. The table in Psalm 23, which is prepared for us to partake of as we rightly recognize and declare God’s identity and place our trust in Him—in the presence of our enemies.

2. The King’s table in 2 Samuel 9:11-13, which is ours by covenant, where we partake of and embrace our new identity.

3. The table in Esther chapters 5-6, which we prepare through divine strategy and bring about the demise of the enemies wicked plans.

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Alane Haynes is an author, speaker and apostolic/prophetic teacher. Alane has authored four books: Moses: Shocked in the Desert, Learning God’s Ways So We Can Enter the Promised Land, birthed from a prophetic dream and written from subsequent nights of being awakened by the Holy Spirit to “write what I tell you;” an accompanying Moses…. Study Guide; Called Unto His Presence, a compilation of Holy Spirit-inspired poetry; and Too Many Voices: My Journey from Confusion to Clarity. Alane’s prophetic blogs have been featured on Elijah List, Spirit Fuel and other platforms.

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